‘IGNORANCE’ …. “🤦🏽‍♀️ Look at the Big Picture …. ‘We are ALL in this Together: Like It or Not’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ …. “!!

~~July 14, 2020~~


A chan is a strong as it weakest link!

It seems to me that there are some Americans who don’t care about others. They don’t care about themselves, how an they translate care to others? They are selfish, childish, stubborn, ignorant, science-deniers. know-it-all and maybe plain disgusting creatures.

They may be emulating someone!!



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Trump V. Fauci

I know who my money’s on!! … “Trump is trying to tear down Dr. Anthony Fauci, a scientist who has worked for six presidents from both parties. A doctor who is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor. A man who is polled as being the most trusted individual in the nation … If you’re a Trump supporter, go ahead and keep listening to Donald Trump, who in turn listens to fucknut shitweasels like Chuck Woolery. I’ll be listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci.”



Donald Trump and his White House full of goons and shitweasels are very fond of engaging in smear campaigns. Every politician engages in opposition research on their political opponents, but it’s different with Trump. For Trump, it’s about dehumanizing and bullying to destroy the credibility of their political opponents. Sometimes it works beyond his base. For example, during the 2016 presidential election, the majority of voters found Hillary Clinton less honest than Donald Trump. There is nobody on this planet less honest than Donald Trump.

Trump’s latest opposition talking points, attacks, and bullying is even stranger than usual as it’s not against a political opponent, but on someone who is on his team. Donald Trump is trying to tear down Dr. Anthony Fauci, a scientist who has worked for six presidents from both parties. A doctor who is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor. A man who is…

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Bastille Day

Learn history! It will help you understand current times … “Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot are of the same mold. They are the characteristic scourges of humanity in modern times, but Robespierre has a good claim to being the first. Understanding his motives and rationale deepens our understanding of the worst horrors of the recent past and those that may lurk in the future.”

In Saner Thought

Today, 14 July, is when the French celebrate their revolution that overthrew the corrupt monarchy…..lead by the slogan….Liberty, Equality, Fraternity…..but was it all that equal and what about liberty……

The American attitude toward the French Revolution has been generally favorable—naturally enough for a nation itself born in revolution. But as revolutions go, the French one in 1789 was among the worst. True, in the name of liberty, equality, and fraternity, it overthrew a corrupt regime. Yet what these fine ideals led to was, first, the Terror and mass murder in France, and then Napoleon and his wars, which took hundreds of thousands of lives in Europe and Russia. After this pointless slaughter came the restoration of the same corrupt regime that the Revolution overthrew. Aside from immense suffering, the upheaval achieved nothing.

Leading the betrayal of the Revolution’s initial ideals and its transformation into a murderous ideological tyranny was Maximilien…

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Gosh, tell me about it!! … “Hartley Lin (formerly known by the pseudonym Ethan Rilly) is a cartoonist based in Montreal, Canada.”

Live & Learn

Source: Hartley Lin (formerly known by the pseudonym Ethan Rilly) is a cartoonist based in Montreal, Canada. Young Frances, the first collection from his ongoing comic book Pope Hats, won the 2019 Doug Wright Award for Best Book. He has drawn for The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, Slate, Taddle Creek and HarperCollins. (via thisisn’thappiness)

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Meidas Touch Presents …. “👋 #ByeDonJr. …. ‘Love Me Daddy’ 👋 …. “!!

~~July 14, 2020~~


Sad to say but I have no compassion, no sympathy for anyone named Trump (the exception may be Mary Trump – new book).

You reap what you sow!

This is one of the disgusting spawn of the swamp creature that sits in the Oval.

The Meiselas brothers are hitting on mark again!!


MeidasTouch takes Donald Trump Jr.’s attacks on Biden and applies them to the president instead.

A new attack ad from the progressive PAC MeidasTouch hits Trump close to home. 

It takes the words of Donald Trump Jr. as he attacks former Vice President Joe Biden and turns them against the president: 

~~Published July 13, 2020~~

Bye Don Jr: Love Me, Daddy!

Whenever he opens his mouth, it isn’t that Don Jr. is so much speaking, as spewing hate and conspiracy garbage from his face in failed effort to win his daddy’s praise while demeaning the intelligence of Americans. Everything Don Jr. says is a projection to cover up the criminal activity he and his family engage in on a daily basis.

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🧚🏼‍♀️ ‘Why Look for the Best in Others’ 🧚🏼‍♀️ …. “!!

~~July 14, 2020~~


When we do that, we become a reflection, we become better, we improve.

Let’s give it a try!!



~Girl Loving Life Facebook Page~


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To Start the Day …. “😊 ‘Please Smile, Life’s Too Short’ 😊 …. “!!

~~July 14, 2020~~


A smile is an expression from the soul. It takes more facial muscles in the face to make a frown than a smile.

Your smile is a gift from you … give it away. You have plenty of them!



~Counselor and Professional Life Coach Facebook Page~


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