Meidas Touch Presents …. “👫🏽 #ProtectOurKids …. PLEASE 👫🏽 …. “!!

~~July 17, 2020~~


Gawd, what’s so difficult about it? How can there be any other option?

Only in the twisted. sick mind of the squatter who sits in the Oval!

Back to school when COVID-19 numbers are out of control?

Dammit, what could go wrong?


Trump tweeted that “schools must open in the fall.” The six-word tweet doesn’t specify whether schools must open for in-person or online instruction, or a combination, and if this applies to elementary, high school or college (or all three). However, it’s clear that in his push to open and stimulate the economy, Trump wants schools to remain open this fall.

Trump is not alone in his call to open schools. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell also made schools a centerpiece of his remarks yesterday about what will be included in the next stimulus package.


~~Published July 17, 2020~~

After the way Trump has disastrously handled everything in his life and during his time in the White House, do you trust Donald Trump to make health decisions about your child’s life?

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MeidasTouch is an American political action committee formed in March 2020. The purpose of the committee is to stop the reelection of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. 


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Burying The Numbers

I live in Flori-duh, I know … “the coronavirus deserves the title “Trump Virus.” Trump has single-handedly made this virus worse. Trump’s response, and lack of, has cost lives. Now he’s trying to hide deaths from the virus. When you have to lie about the numbers, you know you’ve done a lousy job. Trump is the world’s most dangerous man. DeSantis wants an apology from the media? The entire world is owed an apology from DeSantis, Trump, and everyone who has ever supported these people.”



As the coronavirus pandemic started to take form in the United States and there were only 15 known cases, Donald Trump assured us the numbers would start going down and soon we would be at zero cases. This was one of many lies from Donald Trump and his administration about the virus.

Today, Donald Trump is telling us that the only reason we have so many cases is that we have so much testing as if testing creates cases. He says we test more than any other nation. He tells us the virus is harmless to 99 percent of those who catch it. He says we have one of the “lowest mortality rates in the world.” Each of these claims is a lie.

Donald Trump has told over 20,000 lies since becoming president (sic) and even when it comes to public safety and mortality, he continues to lie. His niece…

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IOTD …. “💞 Image of the Day, Very Special Edition …. ‘Wedding at Australia Zoo’ 💞 …. “!!

~~July 17, 2020~~


The couple was supposed to get married in April, but due to concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, they decided to tie the knot in May in an intimate ceremony at Australia Zoo – the Queensland wildlife reserve where the Irwin family lives and works – without their guests.

The emotional part of this ceremony was the noted absence of Bindi’s dad, Steve Irwin, well-known conservationist and ‘Crocodile Hunter“.

The graphic above, as Bindi describes it, shows her Dad with his family.

Amazing and so emotional!


~The Monkey Brush Facebook Page~

The Brush Monkey legacy of holiday window painting is a 15 year + tradition starting in downtown Ann Arbor.  In the first years, artist John A. Copley, partnered with the Main Street Area Association to recruit local businesses for custom window art.  Always kicking off the annual holiday window painting campaign in the late fall, the November painting crew is affectionately known as the Novemberistas.


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Reopened Museum Looks at Power of Resistance in Puerto Rico

#PuertoRicanResistance … “The exhibition “Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance” is on view through Sept. 19 – the third anniversary of Hurricane Maria making landfall. “

Repeating Islands

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.14.45 PM

One of the first local museums to reopen, the Museum of Contemporary Photography is rolling out resistance. That’s the theme of their long-delayed show that just opened on the Columbia College campus in the Loop.

Marc Vitali: In the museum galleries along Michigan Avenue, visitors are welcomed back in small groups. They see documentary photographs and artwork in a show called “Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance.”

Dalina Perdomo Álvarez, curator: “Temporal” means storm. It’s a word for “storm” or “hurricane.” It’s maybe more commonly used in Puerto Rico, because it’s also the title of a song.

What it means in English is: “Storm, storm, here comes the storm. What will become of Puerto Rico when the storm comes?”

This first gallery is dedicated to the after effects of Hurricane Maria and the victims.

Vitali: The exhibition also documents austerity in…

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Friday Fun Fact …. “🤨 ‘Nope, It Ain’t Happening’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~July 17, 2020~~


I’m been retired for almost 8 years! I’ve been ‘staying-at-home‘ since early March. This is normal for me … no bra, no dressy shoes (only crocs), lounging PJ’s, T-shirt … quite casual.

Dressy? One time for medical procedure. It felt weird.

This is my normal usually … it’s the ‘new normal’ now!


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Stupid Is As Stupid Does ….

Perfectly stated … SMGH!! … “Yet another Republican authoritarian that decides what the people need … the freedom of choice will be taken away … and yet voters still rush to the side with every election … and there is where the category comes in … Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”

In Saner Thought

A category during the pandemic…..

It seems that the governor of Georgia (the state not the country) has decided to BAN….read that term again….BAN the wearing of face masks during the rise in cases in his state….

Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp is explicitly banning Georgia’s cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places, the AP reports. He voided orders on Wednesday that at least 15 local governments across the state had adopted even though Kemp had earlier said cities and counties had no power to order masks. An increasing number of other states order residents to wear masks in public, including Alabama, which announced such a ban Wednesday. But Kemp, a Republican, has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask wearing, including telling fans that reduced infections from mask-wearing would make college football season possible. Kemp’s move is likely to infuriate local officials in communities that…

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One of My Favourite Things

Agree!! Nothing beats ‘in-person’ interaction!! … “You’re watching a soul unfold, like a flower.” ~ lilcowgirl7

Live & Learn

One of my favourite things about in person conversation…..watching someone become more and more comfortable making eye contact with you. You’re watching a soul unfold, like a flower.

~ lilcowgirl7

Photo: “Cleome” on Morning Walk. 6:10 am. July 16, 2020. Hollow Tree Ridge Road, CT

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