Something to Think About …. “💫 ‘I Hope …. It Hasn’t Been Easy’ 💫 “!!

~~August 6, 2020~~


I found this on my FB timeline this morning. I’m a retired physician. I must say that I never went through the intensity, the frequency and the repetition that this RN explains.

During my active years, losing one patient was enough to send me on a tailspin. Just imagine that loss over and over and over again!!

Beyond heart breaking!!



~Corrine Castro, San Diego California~


I hope you never have to hold the hand of a patient, look them in the eye, promise everything will be okay moments before intubating. Only to find out they lasted weeks on the ventilator and slowly passed away alone.

I hope you never lay in bed crying because you couldn’t keep your promise.I hope you never remind yourself you were the last person they ever saw and their last thought on this earth was that they were scared out of their mind.I hope you never endure the deafening silence after the physician calls “time of death” on a 37 year old mother, wife, sister and daughter.

I hope you’re never the one who has to call the family on the phone, tell them their loved one passed away but tell them they cannot see the body.I hope you never have to wipe the tears away from a patient’s eyes’ who is waking up from sedation and is terrified because they have a painful tube down their throat.

I hope you never have to separate loved ones at the front door knowing in your gut this will be the last time they ever see their loved ones alive.I hope you don’t go in the bathroom in between critical patients to cry because the heartbreak is too much.I hope you never leave your job feeling broken hearted and discouraged because there is no ending in sight.

I hope you never endure all this for months to only have people tell you straight to your face “It’s all a hoax” or they don’t believe in wearing masks.Most importantly, I hope you remember everything myself and millions of other Frontline workers have done to give you and others a tomorrow.

It has not been easy.


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Lightly Child, Lightly

Indeed!! … ” … to escape our internal chaos. For the days not to feel glued together.” Kate Zambreno, Drifts: A Novel (Penguin, May 19, 2020).

Live & Learn

We are looking for new spaces, but what we are really looking for is retreat, clarity, to escape our internal chaos.

For the days not to feel glued together.

— Kate ZambrenoDrifts: A Novel (Penguin, May 19, 2020)


  • Photo: Image source here. (via Mennyfox55)
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”

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#TBT …. “💞 #ThrowBack Thursday …. ‘My Grandparents, Dad’s Side’ 💞 …. “!!


~~August 6, 2020~~


On a time traveling mood

There are my Dad’s Mom and Dad.

Rafael and Carmen.

Proud Puerto Ricans from a Spanish line!


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An Argument For School Beatings

News, ews, news … same old shyte!! … Schools, masks, immunity!! … “Trump did make a very strong argument for the importance of education. Kids need school. If they don’t go, they may never become fully literate. If that happens, someday they may be forced to read aloud as an adult and they won’t be able to pronounce “Yosemite.” … To sum up, until we can get our kids back in school, Dr. Clay recommends hours on top of hours!”



Yesterday, I read a post by a conservative Trump-supporting fucknut who claimed his child’s pediatrician is all for schools reopening and for children to attend classes in person. There’s always that one dentist who endorses the cavity-creating gum.

First off, he’s probably lying because this person does that a LOT, plus, he’s a Trump supporter which also means he could be lying or not comprehending what the pediatrician actually said. But the big takeaway I have from this is, get another pediatrician. Or maybe your kid should find new parents.

It’s bad enough your pediatrician is playing politics with your child’s life, but you? You’re willing to throw your kid off a cliff and believe there’s a net to catch him because Donald Trump, who has told over 20,000 lies as president, says there’s a net?

Everybody wants schools to reopen. Just like nobody is arguing the country should be…

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Thursday Thoughts …. “💫 ‘Words to Live By’ 💫 …. “!!

~~August 6, 2020~~


Even though it’s always been said that the majority rules, here’s the exception!



~Shine Your Love Facebook Page~

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