The Violence Must Stop …

Agree!! The violence must stop … but HOW? … “There’s an element of Antifa involved, just as there is a growing involvement of White Militia Movements such as the Proud Boys and the Bugaloo Boys.”

On The Fence Voters

I’m fearful of November 3, 2020. The polls are starting to tighten, as expected. And they’re going to tighten even more. While things still look good for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, what’s unfolding on America’s streets as we speak, cannot continue.

Folks, it’s playing right into the current president’s playbook. He has no desire to bring this country together. The violence over the past 48 hours in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after another senseless shooting of an unarmed black man, threatens to hand this election again to the most dangerous president in American history. We cannot let that happen.

The violence has to stop. And while I wish I had a bigger platform to shout from, I’m going to say it as loud as I can. The looting, arson, assaults, and overall anarchy and mayhem are playing across American television screens and social media 24/7. And the current president is exploiting…

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10 Super Terrifying Things Joe Biden Will Do To You If Elected

Hey … this is all about Joe!! … “judging by the polls that show Biden ahead of Trump, the Republicans’ message of fear and disaster is not sufficiently resonating with the average Americans. “

List of X

Official Joe Biden photo distributed by the Republican National Committee

A virtual Republican party convention is taking place this week (it’s “virtual” since the Republican party is no longer a “real” party but more of a Trump cult). At the convention, various members of the Trump family and a handful of not-as-of-yet fired and/or imprisoned associates and loyalists of Donald Trump made speeches offering a message of hope and optimism and a mountain of messages of doom and gloom that would befall our country should a Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election. However, judging by the polls that show Biden ahead of Trump, the Republicans’ message of fear and disaster is not sufficiently resonating with the average Americans. To make this message truly resonate, here are 10 horrible and scary things that Joe Biden would do to this country, and TO YOU PERSONALLY, if elected.

1)  Joe…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🙏🏽 ‘YOU ARE A CHILD OF THIS EARTH’ 🙏🏽…. “!!

~~August 26, 2020~~


“You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

The word desiderata means “things that are desired.”




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Diverse Convention

“If you want to believe Trump isn’t a racist, but want to buy that all those non-white speakers is proof, then I recommend watching the rest of the convention on mute … especially if Don Jr’s girlfriend speaks again. Republicans have yet to figure out that they need more black people in their party than just the ones they put on TV.” … the whole ‘convention’ is an attack on ALL the senses!!



On the first night of the Republican convention, the GOP rolled out minority speakers, you know…whenever a Trump wasn’t speaking.

There was Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, a black guy here, a Cuban there, and a Puerto Rican who is a true Trumpista because she doesn’t know Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. Seriously, Kimberly Guilfoyle, you’re not a “first-generation American” and you’re not an immigrant.

When speaking of the black vote, Republicans’ key word is “plantation.” Isn’t that kinda racist to look at a black person and think “plantation?” They say black Republicans got off the plantation by not voting for the Democratic Party anymore. They scream about being free thinkers while speaking at a convention where the entire platform directive is to worship Trump.

Donald Trump and his campaign say he’s going to improve his black vote from 2016. Well he had better because it doesn’t…

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