Meidas Touch Presents …. “🤨 ‘The Results Speak for Themselves’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~August 28, 2020~~


I didn’t watch the spectacle that took place in the highest place of governance of this nation last night.

I did get to see some clips during the day!

Blonde Barbie had this to say …


~~Published August 28, 2020~~

In the final night of the 2020 GOP Convention, Ivanka Trump made her pitch to voters, saying that the results of her father’s presidency “speak for themselves.”

We agree. The results of Trump’s presidency have been a catastrophic failure beyond comprehension.

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Black athletes go on strike, forcing white fans to deal with policing and White Supremacy, again!

TIMELESS!! … ““Black athletes should take all this fame the white man gave to us because we fought for his entertainment, and we can turn it around. Instead of beating up each other, we will use our fame for freedom.”
The statement above is from former Heavyweight boxer Muhammed Ali in the late 1960s, after the boxing commission had stripped him of his boxing crown.”

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

“Black athletes should take all this fame the white man gave to us because we fought for his entertainment, and we can turn it around. Instead of beating up each other, we will use our fame for freedom.”

The statement above is from former Heavyweight boxer Muhammed Ali in the late 1960s, after the boxing commission had stripped him of his boxing crown.

Yesterday, we witnessed once again how athletes, especially Black athletes, are using the status, their high profiles, their fame, in the cause of freedom. The Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team decided that they could not play their schedule playoff game against the Orlando Magic, just days after the police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Instead of playing basketball, the Milwaukee Bucks players read a statement to the news media:

“The past four months have shed a light on the ongoing racial…

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Something to Think About …. “🤔 ‘It Is What It Is …. This Blog’s Name’ 🤔 …. “!!


~~August 28, 2020~~


I retired from my full time job and career about seven years ago. I had to find something to do with my free time. With the help of a very dear friend, we began this blog.

Someone I dislike has co opted this phrase. I’m not too happy about it but there’s nothing I can do.

My objective is to state that things are the way they are. This graphic take is even further … they are they way they were and they will be what they will be.

To complete my life’s mantras: it is what it is, don’t fight it, let it go!



IOTD …. “🙏🏽 ‘Images of the Day, Remembrance Edition – Victims of Ignorant Hate’ 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~August 28, 2020~~


There’s unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin and we all know why. A black man, by the name of Jacob Blake was another black victim of police brutality. We have seen that heartbreaking and enraging video.

As a result of the resulting peaceful protests, there were three other victims who fell prey to the twisted thinking of a 17 year old man from another state. He was radicalized by the now open propaganda of white supremacist militias going to ‘protect’ property and people from the ‘bad black people’.


Get to know something about them.

America is sick. That sickness is stoke and exploited by the powers that be!!

A local police chief said that these people wouldn’t be dead or hurt of they had heeded the curfew order.

Really? You serious?


Anthony Huber, 26, was from the Silver Lake community in Kenosha County, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. An avid skateboarder, Huber was “really sweet” and “really friendly,” friends told the newspaper. 

“He was one of the most amazing people,” Huber’s girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, said at a gathering Wednesday night near the location where he was killed. “He took down an armed gunman with nothing but his fucking skateboard, and he took that fucking bullet.” 

Joseph Rosenbaum, a 36-year-old father, lived in Kenosha, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Rosenbaum originally came from Texas and is survived by his fiancee and 2-year-old daughter. 

Rosenbaum, known by friends and family as “Jojo,” was a jokester and “loved his daughter very much,” his sister told the Chicago Sun-Times.  

Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the arm Tuesday and is recovering in the hospital, the Journal Sentinel reported. A resident of West Allis, Wisconsin, Grosskreutz was at the protest with the social justice group the People’s Revolution Movement. 

Friends told Milwaukee TV station WTMJ that Grosskreutz was a volunteer medic at Tuesday’s protest and had also been at other Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.


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Better Off?

Oh, this one the only promise he’s kept!! … “Trump brags about delivering on his promises. He promised American carnage and he delivered.”



Before this week’s Republican National Convention, Donald Trump complained that the Democratic National Convention was “dark and gloomy.” Of course, we knew the DNC was a convention based more in reality that provided more facts. Donald Trump is a shitty president (sic) and a horrible and vile human being so when you talk about the Trump presidency, it’s going to be dark and gloomy. We knew this week’s RNC would be a total shitfest of lies selling a message of hate and fear. Donald Trump and the Republicans did not disappoint.

You can’t have an honest convention when you have speakers like Tom Cotton, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani, or anyone named Trump. And there were multiple Trumps. Every Trump child gave a speech except for Barron (sometimes, it pays off when his dad forgets he’s there). Melania gave a speech. Another Trump wife gave a speech. A Trump…

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none of us can bear too much reality

WISE WORDS … all of them!! … “We’re held together by our lives, our interests, and all our chosen comforts. But we can’t have only those things, because then we can’t work out where we should be headed. – Helen Macdonald, Vesper Flights (Grove Press, August 25, 2020)n Macdonald, Vesper Flights (Grove Press, August 25, 2020).

Live & Learn

Thinking about swifts has made me think more carefully about the ways in which I’ve dealt with difficulty. When I was small I comforted myself with thoughts of layers of rising air; later I hid myself among the whispers of recorded works of fiction. We all have our defences. Some of them are self-defeating, but others are occasions for joy: the absorption of a hobby, the writing of a poem, speeding on a Harley, the slow assembly of a collection of records or seaside shells. ‘The best thing for being sad,’ said T. H. White’s Merlin, ‘is to learn something.’ All of us have to live our lives most of the time inside the protective structures that we have built; none of us can bear too much reality. We need our books, our craft projects, our dogs and knitting, our movies, gardens and gigs. It’s who we are. We’re held…

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