Suckers and Losers …

THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME!!please, worth the time to read!! … “Here’s the deal, kids. When you sign up to serve, you take an oath to protect this nation. The man sending people to risk their lives should have at least a basic understand, respect, and appreciation for those who took that oath and are taking the risks. And those who have taken the oath need to understand it applies to protecting this nation from a national security threat posing as a president … Trump is a loser. Those voting for him are suckers.



Here’s the thing about the Atlantic story about Donald Trump calling those who serve in the military “suckers” and “losers.” It’s believable.

And Donald Trump’s defense hasn’t helped him. He was caught lying twice in his defense.

What backs up the story isn’t just that the anonymous sources are numerous, but that it’s being backed up by other legitimate news outlets. Even Fox News has backed up portions of it.

The other thing that backs it up is Donald Trump doesn’t respect the military. He said John McCain wasn’t a war hero, then said he was only a war hero because he was captured. Then he said he liked “people who weren’t captured.” As if being captured is a shameful failure for someone fighting for their nation. After McCain died, Donald Trump reportedly became furious over flags being lowered to half-mast. All this is disrespectful to the military.

In his…

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