Woodward Strikes Again

Just a preview … “What’s more shocking? That Donald Trump withheld that he understood fully well just how dangerous the coronavirus was while he was playing it down to the rest of the nation…or that Donald Trump understood something fully well? This is a bonus cartoon and more information is coming out about this”



What’s more shocking? That Donald Trump withheld that he understood fully well just how dangerous the conoravirus was while he was playing it down to the rest of the nation…or that Donald Trump understood something fully well?

This is a bonus cartoon and more information is coming out about this. I want to learn more, and wait for more reactions, before I write a lot about it. I owe you a blog on this.

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America’s Got Talent 2020 …. “💕’Brandon Leake – Spoken Word – Golden Buzzer and More’ 💕…. “!!

~~September 9, 2020~~


I’ve been watching ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2020. This is a different one. It began the usual way … auditions, buzzers, golden buzzers, etc.

Then COVID hit!!

This young man, Brandon Leake, caught my heart. He received a ‘Golden Buzzer’ from Howie Mandel on his first try.

In the quarterfinals, he showed his talent and his living in the current moment of civil unrest due killing of unarmed Black men and women to police brutality.

Take a look. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Brandon Leake is an award-winning spoken word poet, artistic educator and motivational speaker from Stockton, California.

Brandon has performed in locations such as New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and 36 U.S. states for his Dark Side Tour, which promotes his first-ever published poetry chapbook and his album Deficiencies: A Tale From My Dark Side, which is rooted in transparency and healing.

Brandon is also the founder and CEO of Called to Move, an organization that aids youth in self-actualizing and personally developing through the art of poetry. This pursuit led to Brandon leading workshops around the world with several curricula he developed himself.

~~Published June 30, 2020~~

Brandon Leake makes history by being the first spoken word artist to appear on AGT. Howie Mandel was so moved by Brandon’s performance that he pressed his Golden Buzzer!

Golden Buzzer: Brandon Leake Makes AGT History With Powerful Poetry – America’s Got Talent 2020

~~Published September 1, 2020~~

Brandon Leake from Stockton, California, will leave you emotional with his poetry about social justice.

Brandon Leake Performs Heart-Wrenching Spoken Word to His Mother – America’s Got Talent 2020

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Latinos For Trump

THERE WILL NEVER BE AN EXCUSE FOR ‘LATINOS FOR TRUMP’ FOR ME!! … I am LATINA!! … I renounce any that vote for this ‘white trash’!! … “Trump doing well with Hispanics is as messed up and bizarre as him being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian. What? That just happened? Shit.

But, that Norwegian is a white supremacist who believes hijabs are the equivalent of KKK robes. Hey, Latino Americans…what’s your excuse?”



Donald Trump is doing better with Hispanic and Latino voters than he did four years ago. What? After four years of “shithole” countries, building a wall, ICE raids, ripping families apart, forcing children to defend themselves in immigration court, and putting babies in cages, his approval is up with Latinos?

Joe Biden is leading with the Hispanic/Latino vote by 20 percent, but that’s nationally. In Florida, Donald Trump leads Biden among Hispanics/Latinos by two to four points, depending on the poll. In Miami-Dade County, where Donald Trump lost the Hispanic/Latino vote by 30 percent in 2016, he’s leading now by a point. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won two thirds of that vote in Florida.

In Florida and Arizona, Hispanic/Latino voters make up 20 percent of the population. This is an extremely important vote to win.

So, why is racist “A Mexican judge isn’t fit to judge me” Donald Trump doing…

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The Lincoln Project …. “🐛 ‘PARASITE – Lindsey Graham’ 🐛…. “!!

~~September 9, 2020~~



I normally reserve sharing these videos from ‘The Lincoln Project‘ to topics related to the squatter in the Oval.

This one is too good to pass because ‘Aunt Linds‘ deserves this and more. There hasn’t been a more subservient, turn-coat, slimy, little ‘pilot fish’ than this one.

Oh, how fleeting thy memory is … Aunt Linds!

Take a look!


A newly released ad by the Lincoln Project compares South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to parasites for his relationship with Trump, using gruesome images.

South Carolinians have voted for Lindsey before, but this is the first time they truly know who he is,” the Lincoln Project wrote in a caption to the video, before providing a disclaimer stating that the video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers.

As the video begins, images of parasites are shown as the narrator says, “Some animals can’t survive unless they take. They don’t establish natural equilibriums. Some animals are parasitic.

The narrator continues,

They’re often right under our noses, camouflaged, convincing their hosts they’re not harmful at all,” while more images and videos of parasites are shown.

The video then goes on to show several old clips of Graham criticizing Trump, where he says,

“Every time I turn around, I’m being asked about Donald Trump. He’s crazy.”

“He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious pig,” the video shows Graham saying in 2015. “He’s unfit for office.”

The narrator continues to talk about parasites, saying, “When their host is taken from them, they seek a new one,” just before another clip of Graham is shown. But this time he is showing his support for Trump.



~~Published September 9, 2020~~


South Carolinians have voted for Lindsey before, but this is the first time they truly know who he is.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers.


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Mask after mask, Naomi Osaka extends support to ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest at US Open 2020

Way to go, Naomi!! … “Osaka’s efforts to take a stand for social justice and against police violence has caught the attention of the sports world, including human rights pioneer and tennis legend Billie Jean King, for whom the USTA National Tennis Center is named.

“She has shown more and more confidence about speaking up,” King said last week on ESPN. “She’s very quiet and calm but internally you can tell she’s on fire and thinking about things.”

Repeating Islands

A report by Adam Zagoria for Forbes.

Naomi Osaka had seven masks honoring African-American victims of police violence made for this U.S. Open.

She wore her fifth mask honoring George Floyd for Tuesday’s 6-3, 6-4 quarterfinal victory over American Shelby Rogers.

No. 4 seed Osaka, the 2018 U.S. Open champion, will appear in one more mask for the semifinals on Thursday against another American,former UCLA star Jen Brady, and ultimately hopes to showcase the seventh for Saturday’s championship match,potentially against 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams in what would be a rematch of the 2018 final.

“I have seven [masks],”Osaka said last week in her on-court interview. “It’s quite sad that seven masks isn’t enough for the amount of names [of Black people killed by members of law enforcement], so hopefully, I’ll get to the finals and you can see all of them.”


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My early morning smile … Caleb, looking at the future!! Sweet!!

Live & Learn


  • Camel (Caleb of course) on Sand Dune at Wahiba Sands in Oman. by Jaromir Chalabala
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again. Caleb is grounded in Work For Home and can’t come out to play this week.

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🤨 ‘Who Tells the Truth?’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~September 9, 2020~~


These three lack the filters, they are innocent (in the case of kids) and raw in the other cases.

Believe them when they speak!



~Change Your Thoughts Today Facebook Page~


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