The Lincoln Project …. “🐛 ‘PARASITE – Lindsey Graham’ 🐛…. “!!

~~September 9, 2020~~



I normally reserve sharing these videos from ‘The Lincoln Project‘ to topics related to the squatter in the Oval.

This one is too good to pass because ‘Aunt Linds‘ deserves this and more. There hasn’t been a more subservient, turn-coat, slimy, little ‘pilot fish’ than this one.

Oh, how fleeting thy memory is … Aunt Linds!

Take a look!


A newly released ad by the Lincoln Project compares South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to parasites for his relationship with Trump, using gruesome images.

South Carolinians have voted for Lindsey before, but this is the first time they truly know who he is,” the Lincoln Project wrote in a caption to the video, before providing a disclaimer stating that the video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers.

As the video begins, images of parasites are shown as the narrator says, “Some animals can’t survive unless they take. They don’t establish natural equilibriums. Some animals are parasitic.

The narrator continues,

They’re often right under our noses, camouflaged, convincing their hosts they’re not harmful at all,” while more images and videos of parasites are shown.

The video then goes on to show several old clips of Graham criticizing Trump, where he says,

“Every time I turn around, I’m being asked about Donald Trump. He’s crazy.”

“He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious pig,” the video shows Graham saying in 2015. “He’s unfit for office.”

The narrator continues to talk about parasites, saying, “When their host is taken from them, they seek a new one,” just before another clip of Graham is shown. But this time he is showing his support for Trump.


~~Published September 9, 2020~~


South Carolinians have voted for Lindsey before, but this is the first time they truly know who he is.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers.


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