U.S. Open women’s final features Naomi Osaka’s masks, Black hair and a bold cultural statement

Yes!! … “Alongside her outstanding athleticism, though, Osaka has grabbed headlines this tournament by wearing masks emblazoned with the names of victims of racial violence: Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain. Black masks, white lettering. Her one-person protest feels even more powerful as she enters and exits the nearly empty stadium every match.”

Repeating Islands

An essay by Robyn Autry for NBC. Autry is chair of the Sociology Department at Wesleyan University

Naomi Osaka’s hair doesn’t impact her 120 mph serve or powerful baseline play. But it does impact how she is perceived in the bright, white tennis world.

Naomi Osaka’shair doesn’t matter. At least not when it comes toher 120 mph serve, her daunting forehand or her powerful baseline play. But it does matter in terms of how she shows up in the tennis world and how she’s emerged as one of the most prominent athletessupporting the Black Lives Matter protests.

On Saturday,Osaka will play in the U.S. Open women’s finals against Victoria Azarenka,who earned her bid by defeating Serena Williams. Both women will be looking to capture a third Grand Slam title.

Osaka has grabbed headlines this tournament by wearing masks emblazoned with the names of…

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DIVERSITY …. “🇬🇧 Britain’s Got Talent – POWERFUL Black Lives Matter Performance 🇬🇧 …. “!!

~~September 12, 2020~~


I just ran into this amazing performance by Diversity on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I’m not following that show but I’m very happy to have found this video.

It’s so apropos to what is happening all over the world!




~Tom Foolery: ‘The Great Realisation’~

“Tell me the one about the virus again, then I’ll go to bed. “But, my boy, you’re growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head. That one’s my favorite. Please, I promise, just once more. “Okay, snuggle down, my boy, but I know you all too well. This story starts before then in a world I once would dwell. It was a world of waste and wonder, of poverty and plenty, back before we understood why hindsight’s 2020.

You see, the people came up with companies to trade across all lands but they swelled and got much bigger than we ever could have planned. We always had our wants, but now, it got so quick. You could have anything you dreamed of, in a day and with a click. We noticed families had stopped talking, that’s not to say they never spoke. But the meaning must have melted and the work life balance broke. And the children’s eyes grew squarer and every toddler had a phone. They filtered out the imperfections, but amidst the noise, they felt alone.

And every day the skies grew thicker, ‘till you couldn’t see the stars. So, we flew in planes to find them, while down below we filled our cars. We drove around all day in circles, we’d forgotten how to run. We swapped the grass for tarmac, shrunk the parks ‘till there were none. We filled the sea with plastic because our waste was never capped. Until, each day when you went fishing, you’d pull them out already wrapped. And while we drank and smoked and gambled, our leaders taught us why. It’s best to not upset the lobbies, more convenient to die.

But then in 2020, a new virus came our way, the governments reacted and told us all to hide away. But while we were all hidden, amidst the fear and all the while, the people dusted off their instincts, they remembered how to smile. They started clapping to say thank you and calling up their mums. And while the car keys gathered dust, they would look forward to their runs.

And with the skies less full of voyagers, the earth began to breathe. And the beaches bore new wildlife that scuttled off into the seas. Some people started dancing, some were singing, some were baking. We’d grown so used to bad news, but some good news was in the making and so when we found the cure and were allowed to go outside. We all preferred the world we found to the one we’d left behind. Old habits became extinct and they made way for the new and every simple act of kindness was now given its due”.

“But why did it take us so long to bring the people back together?” “Well, sometimes you’ve got to get sick, my boy, before you start feeling better. Now, lie down and dream of tomorrow and all the things that we can do. And who knows, if you dream hard enough, maybe some of them will come true.

We now call it The Great Realization and yes, since then, there have been many but that’s the story of how it started and why hindsight’s 2020”

The Diversity Black Lives Matter performance that landed BGT with over 1,000 complaints

Previous winners, dance troupe Diversity.

The group returned to the BGT stage this weekend to showcase a performance in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement.

~~Published September 5, 2020~~

You cant help but watch in awe as Diversity command the stage with a performance that will be talked about for years to come

Ashley Banjo and the popular group spoke to the recent marches that took place around the globe and referenced the tragic death of George Floyd in May.

Banjo recited a viral poem written by singer Tomfoolery called The Great Realisation which told the story of the BLM movement.

‘The performance is extremely special to me and the rest of Diversity,’ Banjo said after the performance.

‘2020 has been an incredible moment in history for both positive and negative reasons.’




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Hey, Hey, Hater Kansas City

Fans waiting for the start of some football … jeez!! This was byond sad!! Booing? … “Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are racist assholes. There. Backstory done.”



I know from the history of this website that I have readers who don’t watch football. I know. Crazy. I once had a reader tell me I should go into more depth to explain who Tom Brady is. But anyway, let me give the backstory to this.

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are racist assholes. There. Backstory done.

No? OK. I’ll provide more information.

In case you’re a Republican, Kansas City, where the Chiefs of the National Football League play, is in Missouri. It’s not in Kansas like Donald Trump believes. Seriously. But anyway, Thursday night was the kickoff to the new NFL season. While most game won’t have fans in attendance, the Chiefs allowed about 17,000 into the 60,000 plus stadium to watch the game. And during a moment of unity, the fans booed.

What? Who boos unity? Apparently, Kansas City boos unity.

Let’s get something straight here…

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