Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “🗳 ‘I Won’t Vote Trump’ 🗳 …. “!!

~~September 13, 2020~~


We are 7+ weeks from election day Nov. 3 … but who’s counting?

Randy does it again … at least for me. I get a reprieve from the ‘dumbfuckery‘ that this ‘so-called presidency‘ is. I’ve read Mary’s book, I’m on Michael Cohen’s right now. I have pre-ordered Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage‘ and have his 1st one on Trump – ‘Fear‘ – on my waiting list to read!

M’gawd … get this done!!




Randy Stewart Rainbow is an American comedian and singer, best known for videos published on YouTube, in which he spoofs interviews with famous figures and parodies musical numbers with a political focus. 


Donation collected by HeadCount YouTube covers all transaction fees  

HeadCount is a national non-profit organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy in the United States. It is best known for registering voters at concerts – having signed up 600,000 voters since its launch in 2004. 


~~Published September 13, 2020~~

Hey, Friends! This one’s a fundraiser for Headcount, a non-profit which uses music and culture to engage Americans with democracy.

Donate if you can by hitting the DONATE button above and visit Headcount.org to register to VOTE or verify your address!

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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “💞 ‘Every Person is Born with a Purpose’ 💞 …. “!!

~~September 13, 2020~~


Very wise words!!



“Every person is born for a purpose. We may know our purpose very early in our lives, or it may take us sometime. Very often we need to experience many things before our purpose is clear to us. Sometimes we pick our goals to please others. Sometimes others pick our goals to make themselves happy. Often this makes us unhappy.

We need to pray to the Creator and ask Him what our purpose is. When we live outside our purpose, our path is full of obstacles. When we live inside our purpose, our path is smooth. When we are aligned to our purpose, we are happy and content.

~Rolling Thunder,Cherokee~

~Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page~


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To Start the Day …. “🎋 ‘It’s Sunday, the Day of Rest’ 🎋 …. “!!

~~September 13, 2020~~


It’s the day of rest. Can we accomplish the simple task of clearing our minds of our troubles?

There are plenty things going wrong in our current world. To be able to deal with them in a healthy way, we need to recharge.

Maybe today is the day?

Be in peace!!



~Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page~


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Sunday Morning


A woman and a beautiful sawn’s beautiful story … Sunday morning smile!!

Live & Learn

I never cared much for swans until the day a swan told me I was wrong. It was a cloudy winter morning and I was suffering from a recently broken heart. I sat myself down on a concrete step by Jesus Lock and was staring at the river, feeling the world was just as cold and grey, when a female mute swan hoist herself out from the water and stumped towards me on leathery, in-turned webbed feet and sturdy black legs. I assumed she wanted food. Swans can break an arm with one blow of their wing, I remembered, one of those warnings from childhood that get annealed into adult fight-or-flight responses. Part of me wanted to get up and move further away, but most of me was just too tired. I watched her, her snaky neck, black eye, her blank hauteur. I expected her to stop, but she did…

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