My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 ‘OZZY OSBOURNE – Jason Momoa Behind The Scenes’ 🌺 …. “!!

~~September 14, 2020~~


It’s Monday … my weekly hunt continues. Today I found this interesting video.

Another awesome Momoa Moment!



JASON MOMOA Takes You Behind The Scenes of His OZZY OSBOURNE Music Video Shoot

We’re getting another look at Jason Momoa channelling Ozzy Osbourne in this new behind-the-scenes featurette about the Aquaman star acting in the new Ozzy music video for ‘Scary Little Green Men‘.

The track appears on Ozzy’s new album, Ordinary Man.


John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne is an English singer, songwriter, and television personality. He rose to prominence during the 1970’s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, during which period he adopted the nickname “Prince of Darkness“. 


~~Published February 27, 2020~~


Jason Momoa Behind The Scenes

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Churchill, FDR…Trump?

Can’t say it any better … “Trump pales in comparison to leaders like Churchill, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, and even Ronald Reagan. His favorite president, racist murdering Andrew Jackson, tells you all you need to know. Who you can compare Trump to are people like Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi.

Trump is no Churchill. He’s no FDR. If he retains power, he’ll become America’s first dictator.”



If you want to be compared to great people, then do great things. If you do that, then other people will compare you to great people and you won’t have to do it yourself.

That’s exactly why Donald Trump has to compare himself to greatness…because nobody else will. At it stands now, some of the most popular nicknames for Trump are Hair Fuhrer, Twitler, and Il Douchey.

After it was revealed Donald Trump intentionally downplayed the coronavirus and continued lying to the public, he defended himself by saying he didn’t want people to panic. Some of his own people, like spokesgoon Kayleigh McEnany, said he didn’t downplay it while he’s on the Woodward recording literally saying he was likes downplaying it and will continue to do so.

Donald Trump is arguing that “downplaying” the dangers of the virus, like telling people it was less dangerous than the flu even though…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Can’t say it any better … “This world is but a shadow, it is a carcass, it is nothing, this world is not real, do not mistake this hallucination for the real world.” … Sigrid Nunez, What Are You Going Through: A Novel (Riverhead Books, September 8, 2020).

Live & Learn

It was over, he said. It was too late, we had dithered too long. Our society had already become too fragmented and dysfunctional for us to fix, in time, the calamitous mistakes we had made. And, in any case, people’s attention remained elusive. Neither season after season of extreme weather events nor the risk of extinction for a million animal species around the world could push environmental destruction to the top of our country’s list of concerns. And how sad, he said, to see so many among the most creative and best-educated classes, those from whom we might have hoped for inventive solutions, instead embracing personal therapies and pseudo-religious practices that promoted detachment, a focus on the moment, acceptance of one’s surroundings as they were, equanimity in the face of worldly cares. (This world is but a shadow, it is a carcass, it is nothing, this world is not real…

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Motivational Monday …. “🍃 ‘Be Patient with Your Progress’ 🍃 …. “!!

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