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Agree!! It didn’t have to be this way!! … “None of this had to happen. Most of this could have been prevented IF Trump hadn’t been an ignorant narcissist. IF he’d listened to the experts. IF he’d worn a mask and encouraged – no, if he’d mandated – others to wear a mask whenever they were in groups.

But no. Comrade Trump didn’t do that. He was reckless and stupid and now he’s got the bug!”

First let me say this, because this is important: expressing happiness that Comrade Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 is unseemly and callous — just as unseemly and callous as those people who expresses happiness that Justice the Notorious RBG died.

That said, I understand and can appreciate the poetic justice of it. He had access to the best medical advice in the world, he had access to the world’s most reliable information about the pandemic, he had the ability to take the world’s best precautions against the coronavirus, he had the power to significantly make the US safer against Covid-19 transmission — and he just flat out decided NOT to take advantage of any of that.

Comrade Trump is sick.

Why? Ignorant narcissism. He ignored the experts, he assumed he knew more than they did, he assumed nothing could hurt him because he was well protected, and he quietly…

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Positive Trump

THIS!! … “Experts say if Trump had taken this more seriously, fewer people in our nation would have caught it. Fewer people would have died. If Trump had taken seriously, Donald Trump may not have the Trump virus today.”

That, my friends, is irony.

Now, we can definitely call this the “Trump Virus.”



Donald Trump and Melania have tested positive for the Trump virus.

Donald Trump played down the virus. He admitted as such. He floated bogus cures and treatments. He’s called it the “China Virus” and the “Wuhan Virus.” He’s scolded and punished his scientists for doing their jobs. He’s hired lackeys and yes men to direct the response. He politicized it against blue states. He mocked people for wearing masks. He continued to hold rallies during the pandemic. He encouraged states, churches, and schools to open. He asked about curing people with bleach.

Ten days ago, Trump said, “This affects virtually nobody.” I guess the president of the United States is a nobody.

Donald Trump never took it seriously. He’s going to take it seriously now. White House advisor Hope Hicks was the first to test positive so the belief is Donald Trump caught it from her. But it’s possible she…

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