What kind of animals have we become?

“What is wrong with the people of this country?” … I totally agree with Filosofa!!
Today, Larry asks that question in response to two truly jaw-dropping events in the past week. Are we becoming a nation of fools who have no values whatsoever?

Thank you, Larry, for expressing what I think the majority of people are thinking … SIGH!

Conspiracy Sickie

Here’s a quickie and so true!! … “Did Trump know he might have the virus when he arrived late at the debate, thus being able to avoid a covid test? Did his family, who refused to wear face masks at the debate, know this? Did Trump intentionally try to pass the virus onto his political opponent?

This administration has lost all credibility. Even the medical experts have lost our trust. It’s amazing that after four years, we’re still discovering that Trump can be even more vile, selfish, arrogant, and horrible than we already believed he was.”



Donald Trump’s last doctor, Doctor Ronnie, told us Trump could live to be 200 years old. He lied about Donald Trump’s weight. He even lied about his height. Hell, maybe they’re even lying about his age. Now, that jackass is running for Congress in Texas, but his successor has taken over the medical lies.

When asked by reporters today if Trump had been on oxygen, Dr. Sean Conley said, “he’s not currently on oxygen.” They tried again. Has he been on oxygen? “He’s currently not on oxygen.” Again. Has the president (sic) of the United States been on oxygen at any time over the past 24 hours? “He’s currently not on oxygen.”

Later, we found out he has been on oxygen.

Then, the doctor messed up and told us they’ve been treating Trump for the past 72 hours. That’s weird. Donald Trump didn’t test positive until 1:00 A.M. Friday morning…

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Virtually Nobody

Excellent, complete recap … “The Trump cult does not do well with facts, even when their lives depend on it. It’s a fact that most things Donald Trump says is wrong. He said the corona … er, Trump Virus “affects virtually nobody.” … He was wrong. If you don’t believe me, ask his doctor.”



Today, my friend Mike Petersen, who does a website and feature called “Cartoon of the Day,” used my cartoon from yesterday and said I was “piling on.” I don’t take issue with that, but that really wasn’t my intention.

For me, political cartoons should point out the obvious. Donald Trump told racist goons to “stand by.” In my cartoon, that goon is Clorox Man, who I created some time ago to replace Kool-Aid Man. I’m taking the same route for today’s cartoon. Trump said the coronavirus “affects virtually nobody.” Right now, the president of the United States is in Walter Reed Medical Center which is not where one goes when they’re unaffected by the coronavirus.

Donald Trump is in what they call the “Presidential Suite” at the military hospital in Bethesda. This is named after the president, not Donald Trump. But now, we should definitely call the coronavirus the “Trump…

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