Had to look it up … Thbbbt! — Loosely translated = “Who cares?” … indeed!!



Donald Trump has been talking about how great he feels just a week after testing positive from the coronavirus. Well, supposedly a week.

He said he might be invincible and immune from the virus (despite catching it) and his treatment, full of dozens of experimental drugs and steroids, is the cure. What happens when he crashes?

He’s made several videos and some people have expressed concern about whoever was tasked to apply the pounds of orange makeup required for his face. But, looking at the way the makeup was applied, perhaps they used mascara attached to a 14-foot pole. Or, perhaps they used Homer Simpson’s makeup shotgun and it was set on “whore.”

Donald Trump has never looked good. Right now, he looks like what crap looks like that was crapped out by crap.

Today (Saturday), he plans to host an event at the White House, where the last time…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 ‘My Kitty’s Poses – Lazy Caturday Mornings’ 🐱 …. “!!

~~October 10, 2020~~


This is my Kitty … she has a good life.

She’s a great poser!



“Whenever the cat of the house is black, the lasses of lovers will have no lack.”

English Proverb

This proverb refers to the superstition of Ship’s Cats. It was believed throughout history that cats were good luck on ships, so many fisherman wanted to have cats aboard their boats to boost their luck.

Saturday Morning. Walking with Lucy.

Awesome morning routine!! And I follow you … I LOVE the Lucy episode! Brings back so many memories!!

Live & Learn

4:30 am.

I shake off the cob webs from Tylenol PM.

Read morning papers, blog posts, skim social media.

Read another chapter of Christopher Beha’s “The Index of Self-Destructive Acts.”

Think about my index, and yesterday’s destructive acts. Guzzled two (or was it three?) bottles of Diet Snapple Peach Tea. Sugar Free. No preservatives. Turn the bottle to read the label. Aspartame, sodium, citric acid, potassium citrate, malic acid. Natural, my a**.

And then Nachos. Potato Chips. Three donuts. And, a large (large) number of Hershey’s Nuggets…like on a conveyor belt, I love Lucy and the Chocolate Factory. Oh, that milk chocolate sugar high.

C.S. Lewis said “Life (or Sugar), is as habit forming as cocaine. What then?” What then?What now?

I pause before weigh-in. Regret the Self-Destructive Acts. Breath-in. Hope. I ease onto the scale, like tip-toeing is…

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