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LIFE AFTER DEBATES … if Trump is in it, it’s unwatchable whether ‘behaving’ or being a ‘wrecking ball’! I think I like the wrecking ball better. Folks see him for what he is if they haven’t figured that out already!!

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You surely don’t expect a sweet, complacent post from me after I only just finished watching the final presidential debate, do you?  A couple of times, I had to take off my headphones and step away from the computer lest I throw it or punch it, but I’m pleased to say that I survived.  They should give us buttons or stickers saying, “I survived watching the debate!”, for it is no small task!debate-3

All in all, the debate really wasn’t a debate, but at least we were able to hear and understand most of Biden’s responses without Trump talking over him.  Trump did, however, keep on talking long after the moderator had told him “Okay, we’re moving on to the next topic” repeatedly.  In my book, the only truly relevant question was the final one, when each candidate was asked what, on inauguration day, they would say to the people…

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DARKEST AMERICAN REALITY … “Our government has lost track of the parents of 545 children who were taken from them at the border under Trump’s zero tolerance policy. Donald Trump didn’t express any remorse for this. He didn’t say it was too bad. He didn’t say it was wrong. He couldn’t even drum up some bullshit about it being regretful while still supporting the racist inhumane policy. No. Donald Trump said the children are “so well taken care of; they’re in facilities that are so clean.”



After Joe Biden mentioned there are over 500 children still separated from their parents, and our government is still unable to find them because of Donald Trump’s separation policy, I could have sworn Donald Trump said, “Good” as a response during last night’s debate.

But, I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly. So, I hashtagged “good” on Twitter to see if others picked up on it and saw that a lot of people had heard what I heard. I also saw several people on Facebook make the same claim. So I decided to crank this cartoon out quickly knowing that he may not have said it.

Now, I don’t think he said it. I have listened to the tape several times and it sounds like he said, “Go ahead.” Despite that, I stand by this cartoon. I’m glad I drew it and I’m not retracting it. The cartoon is…

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Memorial Service …. “🙏🏽 Lijda van der Louw-Elbertsen …. ‘In Heaven, New Angel – at Peace 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~October 23, 2020~~


Today I had the opportunity to watch, in real time, a beautiful memorial for my friend Lijda, Martin’s wife. It was streamed live thanks to the efforts of her husband. Some of her friends woke up early to watch as Lijda was honored and remembered .

Even though it wasn’t in English, the emotions came through, loud and clear.

I’ll use the words of another friend in our circle, Phil:

“The Celebration of Lijda, Blinkert, was beautiful … filled with sounds of Lady in Red, flower offerings by so many people, your words and you speaking with others.

Thank you for sharing this moment for Lijda with us.”




Since the service will be in Dutch there is a lot you won’t understand. However I want you to know what I will be (trying) saying.

Our journey started with a love letter and I will see her off with one.

The word skattie can be considered similar to sweetie.

Hi skattie! Are you comfortable there? Have I finally found a bed for you that I’m not going to get complaints about? It has come to my ears that you would have liked to receive a letter. A love letter still. Well it’s the middle of the night now and I have nothing to do anyway so I thought, you know what … I’m writing a love letter for that girl.

I hope you like it.

Dear skattie, when I look at you, I see light and love. I see the sun shining on the beach, the clouds drifting by on a summer breeze. Your eyes are like two pools of magical water, they pull me in and make me soft. Your mouth an inviting fruit. Your hair … well … that’s your hair.

Dear skattie. The day I wrote that first letter is the day that would make my life so much better, more than I ever thought possible. When you said “yes” to our little experiment, I could not imagine that I had just found my queen, my love, my everything. I am incredibly proud to be your partner. That you thought I was worthy enough to be by your side.

How honored I am to call me your husband!

In those nearly 25 years, there hasn’t been a day where I didn’t love you more than I already did. Where you came, love entered. Where you came, there was friendship Wherever you went, people received warmth and affection It was certainly not quiet where you came You are my heroine, my Goddess and Queen. I will always try to follow that example and always honor and make you proud. Well … except for the volume.

Dear skattie Everything, really everything in THIS letter is meant beforehand and not afterwards. I will miss you so much but I will go on for you. And when it’s my time we’ll see each other again. I hope I was able to offer you what you deserve. I am yours forever and ever.

Goodbye dear, rest in peace, you have earned it!

~~Published August 14, 2020~~

“But I hardly know this beauty by my side I’ll never forget, the way you look tonight!”

Chris DeBurgh – Lady In Red

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