Walking. Swallowed up by Stegner…

Quite the feat … 173 consecutive mornings … 1,700,000 steps. I’d say that’s a groove … “As my feet pat the shoulder of the road, helicopters come whirling down from the red maples, illuminated against the street lamps. My mind lets go of the narration, I stop, and I watch, in silence. A warm gust of wind sends another troop of helicopters whirring down on me. Raining helicopters!”

Live & Learn

172 mornings.

Today, 5:50 a.m., that’s 173.

Home to Cove Island Park, and back. Five mile loop.

Wallace Stegner (via Audible) has been keeping me company. The Spectactor Bird. Angle of Repose. Crossing to Safety. Remembering Laughter. All the Little Live Things.

And now, Stegner’s Recapitulation.

“Remembered habit created remembered reality. His needle ran in a groove.” (WS-R)

173 consecutive mornings. ~1,700,000 steps. I’d say that’s a groove.

As my feet pat the shoulder of the road, helicopters come whirling down from the red maples, illuminated against the street lamps. My mind lets go of the narration, I stop, and I watch, in silence. A warm gust of wind sends another troop of helicopters whirring down on me. Raining helicopters!

“That intense obsessed involvement, and then absence, silence.” (WS-R)

And then back to Stegner…and Recapitulation.

“Listen to those cottonwoods talking..Doesn’t that sound tell…

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Focus Feces

Trump is a huge pile of DUNG!! … “Trump has never won a debate in his life and he didn’t win Thursday against Joe Biden. But more importantly, we have to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the election.

You shouldn’t need a debate to see that Donald Trump is not presidential. You don’t need to watch him ramble off lies for two hours to see he’s not fit for the presidency. You’ve had the last four years of a Donald Trump presidency (sic).”



The new normal is a seriously low bar.

Every time Donald Trump gives a speech and sticks to the prepared notes written by Stephen Miller, pundits express surprise at how “presidential” he sounded. Never mind the fact he’s reading notes prepared by a baby Goebbels at a third-grade reading level. If he doesn’t make up childish nicknames for people or spread conspiracy theories that George Soros is funding illegal immigrants to invade our borders, he sounds presidential. If Donald Trump merely sounds like an 8-year-old instead of a 6-year-old, he sounds presidential. Never mind the tinfoil hat he’s wearing.

At Thursday night’s debate, Donald Trump refrained from the childish bullying behavior he engaged in during the first debate. He didn’t interrupt…as much. He still lied and spread conspiracy theories. He still talked like a toddler but maybe this time, the diaper had been changed beforehand. Republicans are now saying they…

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Ana María Polo …. “🇺🇸 A Classic – ‘AMERICA’ 🇺🇸 …. “!!


~~October 24, 2020~~


There was a time in my life that this song was quite important. The idea of coming to America was always on mind – even though as a Puerto Rican – I’m a naturally born American citizen. I grew up with the goal of coming to live here permanently.

The ‘Jazz Singer‘ was one of my favorite movies, Neil Diamond one of my favorite singers.

I actually went to one of his concerts and he ended it with this song and displaying a huen American flag in the background.

It was a chilling, impressive and hair-rising moment.




America” is a song written and originally recorded by Neil Diamond, released in 1980 on the soundtrack album of Diamond’s film The Jazz Singer.

This is a tribute to immigration in America, where people from all over the world were welcome to come and seek opportunity. Diamond grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where many Europeans arrived. His grandparents were immigrants: on his father’s side they came from Poland, and on his mother’s side from Russia.

Diamond wrote this for the 1980 movie The Jazz Singer, where he starred as a young Jewish man who must defy his father to follow his dreams of becoming a singer.

Born in Havana, Cuba. Ana moved to Puerto Rico when she was 2 years old accompanied by her family.

Later, they moved to Miami where she participated in different musicals including GodspellJubilee and Show Boat in addition to singing with the chorus of Jubilee, which was invited by Pope Paul VI to sing at St. Peter’s Basilica as part of the celebration of the 1975 Holy Year. She is now is the arbitrator on a show called “Caso Cerrado” which airs on Universo at different times throughout the entire day.



América’, la emotiva canción de Ana María Polo en homenaje a los inmigrantes en EE.UU.

Ana María Polo, más conocida como la doctora Polo, lanzó la canción ‘América’, en la que envía un mensaje positivo sobre la lucha de los inmigrantes en Estados Unidos.

La pieza musical es una nueva versión de la original interpretada por Neil Diamond, a la que le agregó sonidos cercanos a la balada, la salsa y el reggae.

~~Published October 15, 2020~~

“América Lejos, Venimos desde lejos, Sin un hogar Pero llenos de sueños Libre Sólo queremos ser libre Nos acurrucamos juntos Nos Aferramos a un sueño En barcos y en aviones Llegamos a América. Nunca mirando hacia atrás. Llegamos a América. Hogar Nuestro Hogar no está tan lejos. Estamos viajando leve y sin mucho equipaje. Pero guiados por una estrella. En el ojo de la tormenta, En el ojo de la tormenta … “

“Lamentablemente en los últimos años la palabra inmigrante ha adquirido una connotación de odio y separación, por eso quise hacer este video para todos ustedes que trae un mensaje positivo y que también nos recuerda que llegamos aquí buscando estabilidad, libertad y trabajo”, escribió la abogada.



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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 ‘On Guard, Found a Friend’ 🐱 …. “!!

~~October 24, 2020~~


I woke up one morning this week to find both Friday and Kitty guarding this piece of furniture. Kitty gave up and left the scene but Frida persisted.

She patiently sat … she was getting whatever was under that bereau.

It was hard for us to see what it was. Eventually the critter managed to move but Frida stood guard..

I was a tiny lizard who made his way into the house, under the bureau.

Long story short, we caught is and took it outside. It was kind of mangled but we hope that it manage to regain strength and keep going.

Here’s to Frida, our eternal guard!!


#HappyCaturday #ItsSaturday #OnGuard #FoundAFriend #Frida #ComeOutAnPLay #SavedALizard #WeHope

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A Puerto Rican frog comes to North Philly: The coquí sing in El Centro del Oro

Only a Boricua knows the feeling of how this sound touches our heart!! … “Romero, who teaches at the University of the Arts, grew up in Florida and visited Puerto Rico often to see his grandparents in rural parts of the island. To make this sound installation, “Onomonopoetics of a Puerto Rican Landscape,” he returned into the island’s mountainous interior around Utuado with recording equipment, coming back with hours of coquí sound.”

Repeating Islands

A report by Peter Crimmins for WHYY.

The metal palm trees sprouting from the sidewalk of El Centro del Oro, the Latino section of North Philadelphia around 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue, are chirping with the sound of the coquí. The distinctive call of the tiny Caribbean frog competes with the din of heavy traffic, quietly evoking the signature sound of Puerto Rico.

The coquí is about the size of your thumbnail and dominates the nighttime soundscape of Puerto Rico. The frog is endemic to the island – found nowhere more plentifully – and has become its cultural symbol, fromancient rock carvingsby the native Taíno people, todance music, tomodern kitsch.

“The coquí is a very small frog and it produces a very loud sound,” said Raúl Romero, the artist who created the sound work. “Puerto Rico is a pretty small island with a…

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