The sounds of the coquí frog take over North Philly streets in an art exhibit about Puerto Rico’s soundscape

COQUI, COQUI, COQUI … “I think of el coquí as this iconic connector, as a bridge, as a transmitter, that shares a cultural identity that travels with the ways we depict it, with its sound,” Romero said.”

Repeating Islands

A report by Jesenia de Moya Correo for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

At the intersection of North Fifth Street and Lehigh Avenue, passersby now hear an unusual sound in their daily commutes, a cacophony typically shaped by street traffic, salsa music and birds singing. Now the loud and high-pitched mating call of the Puerto Rico native coquí frog emerges each afternoon from this urban landscape.

Luz Neida Crespo, a crossing guard at Huntingdon and Fifth Streets, said it was exciting to suddenly find herself listening to the frog’s call in the middle of the city. She said she had never heard thesounds of the frog in such an active environment.

“Listening to coquís, after all that traffic… That’s a good experience,” said Crespo, a Puerto Rican born and raised in Philadelphia’s Fairhill neighborhood.

The sounds — every 20 minutes or so, typically from 1 to 6 p.m. daily along a…

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Irreconcilable Differences

My sentiments exactly … I’m not ready to make nice!! … “But I can all but guarantee their response: They’ll turn that olive branch into a switch and use it to try to beat us into submission to their messiah.”

On The Fence Voters

Jeff’s recent post,President-Elect Joe Biden-Rising to the Occasion, sparked a discussion worth more examination. While I found the post, as usual, well thought out and well-written, I commented that it was a bit more optimistic than my view of our nation’s immediate future. In his usual thoughtful way, Jeff’s reply included this question: “Do you subscribe to the notion that we on the other side should turn a new leaf, so to speak, and reach out to the Trumpers? In other words, forgive them and give them a chance?”

Hmm, should we? Here was my reply at the time:

To some degree, I must try to give at least some of them another chance, because among them are my siblings and their families and most of my wife’s family members. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to strike a reasonable balance between affirming righteousness/justice and seeking family peace. It’s especially…

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Smooth Transition

We are still in treacherous times!! … “I thought it would be death for our democracy if Trump won the election. How could I have predicted the death of our democracy would come from his losing?”



Republicans are all for stuff like democracy and free elections, that is…as long as they get the results they want. It’s like being given freedom of speech as long as you say the right things.

Not liking the election results, Republicans, led by Donald Trump, are screaming that massive fraud occurred and that’s the only reason Donald Trump lost. Republicans are so afraid of straying from the ridiculous talking points and giving credibility that our democratic process works, that only four Republican senators have congratulated Joe Biden on winning the election. In contrast, Hillary Clinton congratulated Donald Trump on election night in 2016.

For months, Donald Trump said the only way he could lose the election was if there was massive voter fraud. Donald Trump knew Joe Biden could beat him so even before the election, he tried to discredit the election. He knew Joe Biden could defeat him, so…

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Friday the 13th …. ‘🐱 My Black ‘Kitty’ is Always Inside 🐱 …. “!!

~~November 13, 2020~~


Even though my ‘Kitty‘ is a rescued feral, she’s always inside!

Gotta love her lots and lots!



~Cole and Marmalade Facebook Page~

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To Start the Day …. “☕️ May Your Cup Overflow’ ☕️ …. “!!

~~November 13, 2020~~



~A simple view with Lynette Evans Facebook Page~

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Walking. With M-G.

… “DK: Me. M-G: Maybe God. Photo: DK, Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. 6:15 and 6:45am (in full blur, not intentional, not conscious art). 45° F. Drizzle.”

Live & Learn

Head Cold. Nasal drip. Nagging cough. Light nausea. Friday the 13th. Feels about right.

6:10 am. Cove Island Park. 192 days. Consecutive, and getting long in the tooth.

45° F. Wind gusts up to 25 mph. Drizzle. Wet. Cold.

Cloud cover: 100%. Like a million %.

M-G: You’re dragging.

DK: It’s that obvious?

M-G: Snarky too.


DK: Can’t be.

M-G: How’s that?

DK: Hood Brand Ice Cream Sandwiches.

M-G: Ice Cream Sandwiches?

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