Someone Please Invent a Cure for Crazy

Couldn’t have said it any better … we’re not out of the woods yet!! … “Despair. Despondency. Gloom. I see dark days ahead. Yes, Trump will be out of office soon — or should be. But the crazies who put him in the White House aren’t going away.”

On The Fence Voters

Despair. Despondency. Gloom. I see dark days ahead. Yes, Donald Trump will be out of office soon—or should be. But the crazies who put him in the White House aren’t going away.

Even if Trump were to concede graciously—any bets on that?—the insanity he brought to our nation’s political system will be with us for the foreseeable future. And my former people—white evangelicals—will be the primary perpetuators of the madness.

My despondency is tied to a series of recent emails with an evangelical pastor and his wife I’ve never met or conversed with until a few days ago. Here’s how it went down:

I watched a YouTube clip of this pastor on a program hosted by another white evangelical. The first question the host asked the pastor was about services at the pastor’s church. The pastor replied that his church had experienced no disruptions to their weekly services. Then he…

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Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates?

Did you ever, in your wildest imagination!! … leave it to Christian some-sort-of- award recipient BARR …

“In the meantime, bring on the firing squads. Fire up the electric chairs, fill up the poisonous gas chambers, and string up some rope for the gallows. We’ve got 52 days of carnage to go. The Mad King may as well make it worthwhile for his rabid base of voters. After all, according to most of the media, it’s all about how they feel, right?”

On The Fence Voters

A Fitting Swan Song for This Administration

Justice Department rushing to expand execution firing squads for federal death row inmates: CNN headline. November 28, 2020.

Of course, they are. Surprising nobody, it looks like the current loser president wants to end his reign of horror – with even more shock and awe. Because, as we’ve seen for most of his term, cruelty is the point, not the exception.

According to the CNN piece, there are some scheduled executions set to take place in the last days of the administration, and they’re doing everything they can to make them happen by rushing through changes to rules through an approved amendment to the “Manner of Federal Executions.”

That rule change gives federal prosecutors a wider variety of options to avoid delays if the state in which the inmate was sentenced doesn’t provide other alternatives. The rule was pushed forward by none…

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