IOTD …. “🇵🇷 ‘Images of the Day, Very Special Edition – #RebuildAreciboObservatory – Sheros’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~December 2, 2020~~


The jewel of the ‘Isla del Encanto’



La Borinqueña created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Facebook Page

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Election 2020

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia!! Be like Gabriel!! … “Georgia elections official, Gabriel Sterling (a Republican), who finally had enough, blasted the president and members of the GOP who are complicit in their silence.”

By Hook Or By Book


As He Who Must Not Be Named grows more desperate to cling to his office despite court case after court case being thrown out, many times by conservative judges who were appointed by him, it’s getting increasingly dangerous for Republican state officials and others who are simply doing their job and making sure democracy proceeds the way it should. Yesterday, Georgia elections official, Gabriel Sterling (a Republican), who finally had enough, blasted the president and members of the GOP who are complicit in their silence. If you haven’t seen this it’s worth watching.


Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s response to increasing pleas for help from Georgia Republicans:

The future will take care of itself.

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Iconic Arecibo Observatory …. “💫 Radio Telescope Collapses after Cable Broke 💫 …. “!!

~~December 2, 2020~~


It still hurts, it still makes me sad, it’s still a huge loss!

Here’s another short video with summarized info.



It was a jewel of science,” said a Puerto Rican meteorologist about the Arecibo observatory, which was until recently the world’s largest observatory.

 Nicole Acevedo and The Associated Press

The Arecibo Observatory, a huge and previously damaged radio telescope in Puerto Rico that played a key role in astronomical discoveries for more than half a century, completely collapsed on Tuesday.

The telescope’s 900-ton receiver platform fell onto the reflector dish more than 400 feet below.

The U.S. National Science Foundation had earlier announced that the Arecibo Observatory would be closed. An auxiliary cable snapped in August, causing a 100-foot gash on the 1,000-foot-wide (305-meter-wide) reflector dish and damaged the receiver platform that hung above it.

Then a main cable broke in early November.


~~Published December 1, 2020~~

Iconic Arecibo Observatory radio telescope collapses after cable broke. A huge radio telescope in Puerto Rico that has long played a key role in astronomical discoveries collapsed on Tuesday, officials said. The Arecibo Observatory, made famous as the backdrop for a pivotal scene in the James Bond film “GoldenEye” and other Hollywood hits, had been shuttered since August after an auxiliary cable snapped and caused a 100-foot gash on the reflector dish.

Then a main cable broke in early November, leading the National Science Foundation to declare just weeks later that it planned to close the radio telescope because the damage was too great. Many scientists and Puerto Ricans mourned the news, with some tearing up during interviews.

Deborah Martorell, a meteorologist in Puerto Rico, tweeted early Tuesday: “Friends, it is with deep regret to inform you that the Arecibo Observatory platform has just collapsed.” It was the second largest radio telescope in the world and had been operating for more than half a century.

Operated by the National Science Foundation through the University of Central Florida, the iconic observatory was made up of a fixed 1,000-foot-wide dish antenna built into a bowl-like depression that reflects radio waves from space to a 900-ton instrument platform suspended 450 feet above by cables stretching from three support towers

For 57 years, the observatory played a leading role observing deep space targets, bodies in the solar system and, using powerful lasers, the composition and behavior of Earth’s upper atmosphere. Before its collapse, the observatory withstood hurricanes and earthquakes, and played central roles in movies like “GoldenEye” and “Contact.”

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🙏🏽 ‘Be Rooted in Your Spirituality’ 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~December 2, 2020~~


Spirit … what is it? It’s something that connects us all to all living beings. It gives meaning to our existence, it leads our steps along out journey’s path.

It’s something intangible but very much felt. Feel it, live it.



~Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page~

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