Runs In The Family

Pardons, pardons, pardons … I have no words!! They are all in this post!! SMGH …



As we have all discovered over the past five years, and if you haven’t then you weren’t paying attention, Donald Trump projects.

The guy who had people chant “lock her up” at his hate rallies watched several of his friends be locked up. For others, he issued pardons. While accusing Joe and Hunter Biden of corruption in Ukraine, Trump and Rudy Giuliani were practicing corruption in Ukraine. All they could come up with were conspiracy theories accusing other people of what they were guilty of. Trump’s Ukraine actions made him an impeached president.

Naturally, an impeached president will pardon goons. Naturally, an impeached president only has goons as friends. If you are a friend of Donald Trump’s, you may want to reassess your life. If you work in his administration, you’ll have plenty of time after January 20 to reassess because it’s not like anyone’s going to hire you. Enjoy…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 ‘Meet Haburu Again – Lazy Cat’ 🐱 …. “!!

~~December 5, 2020~~


It’s a fun day, it’s Saturday, it’s Caturday.




Meet Haburu again, An “Extremely Lazy” Cat Who Loves Getting Massages From Piano Keys

Thầy Minh is a Vietnamese pianist whose YouTube channel has over 404,000 subscribers, but his popularity isn’t just due to his talent. His adorable cat Haburu has stolen everyone’s heart!

The “extremely lazy” kitty loves to get up close and personal when his dad is performing. Not only does he squeeze inside the instrument, but he also manages to fall asleep in the middle of songs, allowing the thumping of the internal hammers to give him a gentle massage.

*Thay Minh*

~~Published April 27, 2019~~


My hands were extremely tired this time!!

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here’s an idea …

Couldn’t have said it any better … no more chances!! … “In other words, the most benevolent explanation for the refusal of Congressional Republicans to openly acknowledge that Trump lost is that they’re gigantic fucking cowards.”

On Wednesday, Comrade President Donald Trump released his 45 minute WhingeFest video on Facebook. In it he repeated his delusional claims that he actually won the 2020 election. He contended he was denied the win because of some nebulous and nefarious national (and possibly international) conspiracy to cheat him. He stated he and his supporters had put together a mass of evidence to support his claims, despite the fact they’ve presented absolutely NO evidence to the courts.

The following day, the Washington Post asked every Republican member of Congress, all 249 Senators and Representatives, the following three questions. Who won the election? Do you support or oppose Trump’s efforts to claim victory? If Joe Biden wins the vote in the Electoral College, will you accept him as the legitimate POTUS?

Only 25 Republicans said Uncle Joe Biden won the election. Only 9 opposed Trump’s attempts to overturn the official results…

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To Start the Day …. “🐰 ‘Smile, Laugh and Enjoy’ 🐰 …. “!!

~~December 5, 2020~~


Time to rest, time to chill, time to recharge.




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