My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 ‘Leica for Life’ 🌺 …. “!!

~~December 21, 2020~~


It’s Monday … I’m on search mode!

Found a short clip where Jason is using one of his Leica cameras and shows his love for film and digital.



Jason Momoa has a few self-confessed addictions: he loves his Harley Davidsons, electric and bass guitars for example. Unsurprisingly, the photographer’s son has a keen interest in cameras too and took to Instagram recently to show off his impressive collection of vintage and model Leica rangefinders.

The iconic German camera maker is famous for the collectability of its models; early or rare cameras and accessories can fetch extremely high prices. For instance, one anonymous buyer bought a rare 1923 Leica camera for $2.96 million at an auction in Vienna in 2018, making it the most expensive camera ever sold.

Momoa seems to be a fan of the vintage stuff, lovingly cradling a 1958 M2 model and a classic 73mm lens from 1930. His passion for the cameras has been noticed by the company, which is apparently set to work on a special project together with the Aquaman actor.

Leica has worked with celebrity fans before, in 2015 they released the special edition Leica M-P ‘Correspondent’ camera which was designed by Lenny Kravitz (who is, coincidentally, Momoa’s wife’s ex) and was specially made to look “pre-worn.”


(awesome photographs included)

~Published December 12, 2020~~

Jason uses his ASC Leica and a M3 and shows his love for film and digital.

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Tracking Crazy

MAGAts – There’s no logic to their thinking! Oh, wait … they lack that ability!!



Trump troglodytes can’t have it both ways, can they? In their minds, yes.

The Trump cult already says there was mass election fraud and millions of votes for Donald Trump were switched to Joe Biden…but the votes for other Republicans are valid. Ignore that Trump and down-ballot Republican candidates were on the same ballots. For their argument to work, you have to believe the voting machines fucked with the Trump votes but left the other Republican votes alone.

They said they wouldn’t recognize President Obama and did everything they could to obstruct him. They even said he wasn’t eligible for president because he was born in Kenya. After Trump was elected, they said, “Get over it.”

When President Obama made executive orders, they claimed he was acting like a monarch. When Trump did it, it was the best thing ever and owning the libs.

For decades, they screamed about family…

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Motivational Monday …. “💜 ‘Love, Laughter, Heart, Dream, Joy’ 💜 …. “!!

~~December 21, 2020~~


It’s my most heartfelt hope that the new years brings only hope, peace, laughter, joy and health!



~Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page~

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Northern Exposures: An Introduction

Found amazing beauty in Finland … ““Hello, I’m Merja, welcome to my very first blog.” – thanks for sharing. I must reblog away!!

Northern Exposures - A Finn's Eye View

“Hello, I’m Merja, welcome to my very first blog.

I’m Finnish so please excuse me if my English isn’t perfect, I’d rather let the pictures speak for me anyway.

I have always loved taking photos and enjoy the challenge of using a mobile phone to capture the beauty of my country and beyond.

Here are a selection of pictures I’ve taken over the years, just to show you what a beautiful place this is.

I hope you will enjoy seeing all the new photos I’ll be taking, I’m really excited to start my blogging adventure with you!”

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