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PARDONS, PARDONS, PARDONS!! … get the full scoop here! The way to get a pardon is to have the FIDIOT’s back in every way!! Gagging!



You can’t pretend you’re upset over supposed corruption from the Biden family while supporting Donald Trump’s pardon of corrupt Republican congressmen. These three congressmen were not merely accused. They were convicted. They were Duncan Hunter, Christopher Collins, and Steve Stockman. Hunter had used hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to pay for family vacations and theater tickets, and even to facilitate extramarital affairs (like pay for hotel rooms for boinking women who were not his wife). Collins used his congressional seat for insider trading. Stockman stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that were meant for charity and voter education. Stockman’s attorney is Sidney Powell, the conspiracy lawyer who also represents pardoned goon Michael Flynn (who wants a military coup), and who Trump wants to appoint as a special prosecutor in his fictional election-fraud investigation. Hunter and Collins were two of the first in Congress to endorse…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “💫 ‘Never Assume – You Know What That Does’ 💫 …. “!!

~~December 23. 2020~~


You may have heard the phrase, “When you assume you make an “ass of u and me.” We all make assumptions in life; sometimes, many a day.

Often we‘re correct and it shows that we have an understanding of the situation. Often we are mistaken and have read the situation incorrectly.



Never assume anything. That’s the best way to reach the wrong conclusion. The best and most sure way is to ask.


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