Don Winslow Films …. “🇺🇸 #AnatomyOfCapitolAttack 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~January 10, 2021~~


There’s no need to say anything about this. This has been reported over and over.

However, images speak louder than words.

Take a look!


~~Published January 10, 2021~~

Don Winslow Films #AnatomyOfCapitolAttacks

I submit this video as evidence in the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Donald Trump engaged in “violent, deadly and seditious acts” which betrayed his trust as President and endangered the security of the United States.

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IOTD …. “🗽 ‘Images of the Day, Very Hard to Look At – Lady Liberty’ 🗽 …. “!!

~~January 10, 2021~~


I find this image very painful to look at. Yet, I think we have to look at it because this is what has been happening for 5 years and is happening at this moment.

Take a hard look! Is this what we want?


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Taps For Terrorists

Controversial or not, this is the truth!! … “These terrorists are being turned into martyrs by the Trump cult, a cult that claims they’re patriotic and get upset over someone kneeling during the national anthem, but turns around and supports a terrorist attack on our nation.”



Ashli Babbitt was a veteran of the United States Air Force. She spent six years in an Air National Guard unit whose mandate, ironically, is to defend the Washington region and respond to civil unrest. Its nickname: the Capital Guardians. Her family describes her as a patriot. Ashli Babbitt died Wednesday attacking the United Capitol building.

Kevin Greeson’s family said, “He was not there to participate in violence or rioting, nor did he condone such actions.” Yet, Greeson was inside the Capitol building participating in the riot. Officially, he died from a heart attack from all the excitement. Others say the heart attack was provoked when he tasered himself by accident…in the genitals.

Benjamin Philips was a Trump supporter from Pennsylvania. He didn’t make it back to PA because he suffered a stroke during the riot.

Rosanne Boyland told her family back in her home of Georgia, “I’m going to…

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Reality relinquished: Trump as the Ultimate Reference Point

In a way, I couldn’t be any happier – meaning: the mask has come off!! … “For the majority of America’s white evangelicals, that millennia-long era is over. While the gradual decline began long before, the rapid move toward absolute abandonment began with evangelicals’ enthusiastic embrace of Donald J. Trump, first as presidential candidate and then as replacement deity.”

On The Fence Voters

My good friend Jerry (Grumpy1180) has another fine post available at his new site, Grumpy’s Grumblings. Here is an excerpt. You can access the full post at the link I’ve provided at the bottom. Thanks Jerry!

No finite point has meaning without an infinite reference point.” – Jean Paul Sartre

The Sartre quote above served as a premise for a book written more than a generation ago by one of evangelicalism’s most revered scholars. In He Is There and He Is Not Silent, the second book in a trilogy, Francis Schaeffer wrote of the need for an infinite reference point in each of the following realms: metaphysics, morality, and epistemology.

As the renowned French philosopher Sartre understood—but never embraced—apart from some kind of infinite reference point, everything within our finite existence lacks measurable significance. Apart from such an infinite measuring rod, all becomes relative, contingent.

For religious folks…

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Sunday Morning

God not to blame for man’s evil …. and more!! For her, the vital world was earthly and present. — Heather Clark, Red Comet: The Short Life and Blazing Art of Sylvia Plath (Knopf; October 27, 2020).

Live & Learn

In a May 1952 paper for her religion class, “Religion as I See It,” Plath laid out her “basic tenets”: man was “born without purpose in a neutral universe,” without inherent morals, and was responsible for his own destiny. There was no afterlife. “His mind may live on, as it were, in books, his flesh may continue in his children. That is all.” God was not to blame for man’s evils or triumphs. Plath claimed that she could “never find my faith through the avenue of manmade institutions,” and called herself an “agnostic humanist.” She happily admitted she was a pantheist at heart: “For my security, I resort not to the church, but to the earth. The impersonal world of sun, rocks, sea and sky gives me a strange courage.” For her, the vital world was earthly and present.

— Heather Clark, Red Comet: The Short Life and Blazing Art…

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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “🙏🏽 ‘Governor Schwarzenegger’s Message Following Attack on Capitol’ 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~January 19, 2021~~


I normally post short, sweet messages on Sunday morning after searching for nice memes and quotes. I didn’t know what to post about today.. I found this, in the spirit of last week’s events in Washington, DC., I’d like to share it with you.

I ran into this message from the Gov on Twitter. I found it on YouTube and I think it merits sharing. His words are precisely what my wounded soul needed.

I hope they help anyone who needs this kind of balm for the soul.


FB will shut anyone down for (even vaguely) making this comparison. But this is an Austrian who witnessed the aftermath of what happened in his prior country.

I have always wondered what happened to all the people who “went along” with their crazy dictator. Here’s Arnold’s interpretation.

Thank You Mr. Governor!!


~~Published January 10, 2021~~

This is my message to my fellow Americans and my friends around the world after the January 6, 2021 events in Washington, DC.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

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