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A little bit of everything … hoping this will be the last! Unless it’s conviction and jail time!! … “The angst I feel I know is shared by many of you, so feel free to add your own bit of snark here!”

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Thirty-six hours left until we once again have a president, a vice-president, and sanity in the White House.  Just 36 hours until we kick the imposter who has been illegitimately occupying our White House, using our money to buy food, to travel all ’round the globe, and to line his own pockets, while destroying this nation with his ignorance and cruelty.  Still … 36 hours … he could still do a lot of damage.  It is said he plans to issue some 100+ pardons today, and I still don’t trust him any farther than I can throw a feather.  But soon, my friends, we will be shed of him … hopefully forever.  My angst level is at an all-time high tonight, even knowing that 36 hours, only 2,160 minutes, and the source of much of my angst will head to Florida where hopefully he will be eaten by a shark! …

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Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “🍂 ‘SEASONS of TRUMP’ 🍂 …. “!!

~~January 19, 2021~~


Simply another hit to end the dumbfuckery of this presidency which has befallen the nation. A fitting to this incredibly huge disaster.

Freshly dropped this morning … fresh out of the creative mind of the amazing Randy Rainbow!

One more time, Randy brings a smile to my face and humor to a serious situation.

And now, the end is near …


Randy Rainbow is back with yet another political parody, this time taking on the iconic number from Rent, Seasons of Love. In the video, titled “Seasons of Trump” he reflects on the past four years of Trump’s presidency.

“How do you measure four years of this shit? In scandals, impeachments, in porn stars, in Scaramuccis, in rallies, insurrections, in flies. In two million a hundred a hundred two thousand four hundred minutes, how do you measure four years of the lies?”

Randy Rainbow (yes, real name) is a comedian, actor, writer, host and internet celebrity best known for his series of satirical videos, including “Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson,” “Randy Rainbow Works at Chi-fil-A,” and “The Kim Davis Cell Block Tango.” His political spoofs (including “Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump“) have garnered international acclaim and millions of views.



~~Published January 19, 2021~~

This is what they need to play at his “big send off party.”

In seasons of Randy Rainbow. That’s what got me through this.

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Big Tech Censorship

This is the POINT!! … “Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all private platforms. The government doesn’t own them. They do not owe you a damn thing. A private company shutting you down is not censorship. You can still speak…just not there. And I seem to remember Trump supporters being all about freedom for private businesses when it comes to birth control insurance and gay wedding cakes.”



When conservatives complain about “big tech censorship,” which is their latest buzz phrase, they don’t really care. They care about censorship about as much as they really care about “election integrity.” They don’t.

My former step-sister in Illinois posted a video of someone I don’t know moaning about “big tech censorship” of conservatives and how it was so unfair. The video was from the TikTok platform. I found that very ironic since Donald Trump actually tried to ban TikTok in this country.

Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok because it was used to snatch up tickets to his Tulsa rally, thus embarrassing him when nobody showed up (except Herman Cain) after his campaign boasted about the millions who would be there (seriously, they set up giant screens outside so all the people who couldn’t get inside the venue could still hear Trump’s rambling rhetoric…and nobody was out there). It was…

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Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

INDEED!! … Play it again, I say. — Helen Morrison, (Katie Holmes), Coda (2019).

Live & Learn

Perhaps what eternal recurrence means is not that our life will actually repeat itself forever, but rather that we should not rest content until we have reached a point where we love it enough just as it is, to wish it were indeed so. Play it again, I say.

—  Helen Morrison, (Katie Holmes), Coda (2019)


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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🤔 ‘I Wasn’t Really Overreacting – I Knew’ 🤔 …. “!!


~~January 19, 2021~~


When I saw this graphic, it took me back to that day in 2016. I was never able to see past the first impression as he came down the escalator and started spewing falsehoods, bigotry, racism and outright lies.

I knew it, I knew it … it was going to be real bad.

And it was!!


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