False Flag Operation

Direct quote from post … the GOP has morphed!! … “In refusing to punish a president (sic) who instigated a terrorist attack against our nation, who tried to overturn an election, who tried to steal power for himself, the Republican Party has put cult of personality over the nation. The GOP has abandoned all principle and integrity. Trump doesn’t need to create a new party because he already has. The Republican Party isn’t even conservative anymore. It’s just a cult. Instead of punishing terrorists, they’re now holding the door open for them.”



The Oregon Republican Party isn’t just saying “so what” about Donald Trump’s little violent insurrection party at the U.S. Capitol three weeks ago. The state GOP has officially latched onto a conspiracy theory that it was a “false flag operation.”

The party issued a resolution stating, “The violence at the Capitol was a ‘false flag’ operation designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters, and all conservative Republicans; this provided the sham motivation to impeach President Trump in order to advance the Democratic goal of seizing total power.” They’re basing this on a conspiracy website and The Epoch Times, a pro-Trump publication that’s just a prettier Daily Stormer.

Since the insurrection, over 100 of the terrorists have been arrested and they’ve all been documented as strong Trump supporters. So, if you accept the Oregon GOP’s “logic” (those are air quotes), then Trump supporters wanted to make Trump and his supporters look…

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I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I was born in Santurce and raised in Rio Piedras. Have lived in Florida since 1999. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine; completed in 1976. My Internal Medicine specialty was completed in 1979. Worked for Puerto Rico's health system until 1985. At this time, I'm happily retired after working for the federal government for almost 28yrs. I want to offer any knowledge that I have to anyone "out there" who is interested. My views are liberal in almost every sense. My knowledge is "eclectic" - a bit of everything. Music and reading are my passion. Blogging has also become a very interesting endeavor. Metaphysical topics attract me. I'm interested in news reporting human issues like injustice, discrimination and abuse - the "wrongly" affected. My intention is to bring this knowledge to an understandable level and to help anyone in need. I'm open to questions and will answer them to the best of my ability. Currently working on an enterprise whose main mission will be to bring peoples of all walks of life together. To be one .... since we ALL are ONE!! The future looks bright and promising!!!

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