My Favorite Super Bowl LV Moment

The only reason I was watching; waiting on the poet!! … #AmandaGorman … CHORUS OF THE CAPTAINS!!

By Hook Or By Book

Given that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, it was obvious that this year’s Super Bowl was going to be a little different. For a change, I’m not going to highlight my favorite commercials because for some reason my heart isn’t in it. There were however some amazing performances (Besides Tom Brady. Yep, I said it!), and in my humble opinion Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman once again stole the show as she did during the inauguration, with her poem The Chorus of the Captains. This young lady is proving herself to be the voice of a new generation that believes in hope, and love over hate.





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‘QUE BONITA BANDERA’ …. 🇵🇷 ‘What a Beautiful Flag – the Puerto Rican Flag’ 🇵🇷

~~February 8, 2021~


What a beautiful flag, the Puerto Rican flag!

Almost an anthem, ingrained in our DNA, in our souls, in our hearts and our minds!!

#Proud Boricua!


Que Bonita Bandera” is the Puerto Rican anthem heard all over New York City throughout June – the month which has seen the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in the Big Apple since 1958. Obviously, COVID-19 interrupted the tradition in 2020.

Well, we’re happy to report that 2020 brings with it some great music news for Puerto Ricans: a glorious rendition of the song by some New York City icons featuring an all-star cast.

“‘Que Bonita Bandera’ has been an anthem for all Puerto Ricans worldwide, however many aren’t aware of the truth behind Puerto Rico’s flag and how it reflects the independent spirit of my people,” Bobbito told us.

“Our version transforms the music and rhythm to encompass the Boricua diaspora and beyond.”


The song’s lyrics were re-written by project creator Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez, who also produced an accompanying issue of La Borinqueña comic book.

“The lyrics reveal historical context … and the comic book bring the song and words to a visceral level. I can’t explain how much this all means to be a part of something THIS positive,” Bobbito said. “It’s para mi patria, mi gente, pero it’s so much more than that.

People who aren’t even Puerto Rican have watched the video and cried, yo. In the long run, though, if this project allows the public to understand the conditions of what it means to be a colonized state, in terms of both land and mind, then that supersedes any entertainment value it may offer . . .”

“Our hope is that this song and music video become this generation’s anthem.

A song whose lyrics will be sung generations later,” Miranda Rodriguez said. “I also want this history which most of us didn’t grow up learning is shared, embraced, and more importantly used to empower us to truly take part in a social just movement that addresses once and for all in our lifetime the decolonization of Puerto Rico.”

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

Stretch & Bobbito + The M19s Band: ‘Que Bonita Bandera’

~~Published December 18, 2020~~

Vocals: Jeimy Osorio (Netflix “Celia Cruz” series), Latin Grammy Award winner Mireya Ramos, Grammy Award nominee Danny Rivera, Ismael Cruz Cordova (HBO “The Undoing”), Bomba singer Chamir Bonano, and newcomer Sabrina Cintrón Cameos: Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez, actors Rosario Dawson (Disney+ “The Mandalorian”), Lauren Luna Velez (Into the Spider-Verse), Oscar nominee Rosie Perez, Ramon Rodriguez (HBO “The Wire,” Transformers II), Freddy Rodriguez (CBS “Bullet”), Justina Machado (CBS “One Day At A Time”), Modesto Lacen (Netflix “Celia Cruz” series), artist José Parlá, hip hop legends Crazy Legs and Tony Touch, former AND1 Mixtape star Tim “Headache” Gittens, and DJ Janzism de Puerto Rico

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Amanda Gorman – “💞 ‘Chorus of the Captains’ – Super Bowl LV 💞 …. “!!

~~Febraury 7, 2021~~


I will leave this here. I had the TV on the superbowl channel just for this.

Go Amanda, go!



With her performance of “Chorus of the Captains” at Super Bowl LV, Amanda Gorman becomes the first poet to be a part of the sporting event.

The 22-year-old L.A. native performed a poem celebrating the contributions of the game’s three honorary captains: educator Trimaine Davis, nurse manager Suzie Dorner and Marine Corps. veteran James Martin.

Gorman, who has announced plans to run for president in 2036 as soon as she’s eligible, recently signed with talent agency IMG Models.

Her upcoming titles “The Hill We Climb: Poems,” “Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem” and a special edition of her inauguration poem have all shot to the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list.


~~Published February 7, 2021~~

Amanda Gorman is the next Maya Angelou. What a beautiful and meaningful poem that’s very important for are struggling times right now.

Amanda you are a very gifted and beautiful saint and poet. Your words of wisdom speaks for all of us in this day in age and your beautiful words will transcend through many generations and decades to come. Always speak your undying truth and never let ANYONE silence you. Keep shining bright Ms.Gorman.

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‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ …. “💞 ‘Alicia Keys – narrated by Anthony Mackie’ 💞 …. “!!

~~February 8, 2021~~


I’m not a football fan, even less super bowl follower. I am a music fan and an Alicia Keys admirer and follower.

I was watching for this performance and now I’m educating myself the ‘Black National Anthem‘.

Here’s a video that I found last night!


Alicia Keys‘ performance of the classic song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” aired during the 2021 Super Bowl pre-game show!

The performance was originally aired by the NFL back in September 2020 and there was a narration from actor Anthony Mackie.

If you didn’t know, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” is a poem that was written in 1900 by James Weldon Johnson to celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. The poem was set to music by James’ brother and the song was adopted as the “Negro National Anthem” by the NAACP over a hundred years ago.

“Lift every voice and sing, Till earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty, Let our rejoicing rise,” the song begins.


Lift Every Voice and Sing” was publicly performed first as a poem as part of a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday by Johnson’s brother John.

In 1919, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) dubbed it “the Negro national anthem” for its power in voicing a cry for liberation and affirmation for African-American people.

The song is a prayer of thanksgiving for faithfulness and freedom, with imagery evoking the biblical Exodus from slavery to the freedom of the “promised land.” It is featured in 39 different Christian hymnals, and is sung in churches across North America.



The Black national anthem was given a huge platform this past year. During the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, it was sung across the nation at different marches and protests. Then, the NFL played the Black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” before “The Star-Spangled Banner” for every game in the first week of the 2020 season. Now, it was performed at the beginning of the Super Bowl 2021.

For many who weren’t familiar with the song, its history or its significance, here’s what you need to know about the Black national anthem and why it’s so important this Black History Month.

James Weldon Johnson, who wrote the Black national anthem, was an author, educator, activist, diplomat, lawyer and songwriter. He worked with the NAACP from 1917 to 1930 and served as a U.S. consul to Nicaragua and Venezuela under President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1934, he was the first Black American hired at New York University and later taught at the historically Black Fisk University.



~~Published September 2020~~

Lift Every Voice and Sing“ Alicia Keys performance w/ narration by Anthony Mackie.

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Goodbye To Lou

M’lord … this was so much needed!! About time!! Now do the others!! … “The removal of Lou Dobbs and his show means there is one less person poisoning our environment with dangerous bullshit that feeds terrorists. And just a few months ago, we thought maybe the worst he contributed to was stupid racist people.”



Even if you never watched Lou Dobbs Tonight (and if you’re a regular visitor to this page, you didn’t), it’s a positive development for you. The removal of Lou Dobbs and his show means there is one less person poisoning our environment with dangerous bullshit that feeds terrorists. And just a few months ago, we thought maybe the worst he contributed to was stupid racist people.

Lou Dobbs NEVER should have had a TV show. Maybe that’s not entirely fair. But he should have lost all opportunities of having a show after the fucked up call he made in 1999 when he ordered his producer to cut from President Bill Clinton’s speech in Littleton, Colorado, after the Columbine school shooting, to return to his show, Moneyline. Lou Dobbs’ partisanship clearly presented an inability to host a news show, even one with opinions. Dobbs left CNN but he got another chance.

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Runny Drippy Lawsuits

TRUE THAT … “More lawsuits are coming. The big question is, will they go after Donald Trump for the big lie?”



Rudy Giuliani has an afternoon show on New York’s Talk Radio WABC. Rudy is upset because he just discovered the station is running a disclaimer before his show saying, “Warning: The program you are about to hear is chock full of bullshit, a nonsensical litany of lies, disproven conspiracy theories, and the kind of crazy old man talk that would make you assume it’s being broadcast from a padded cell in a mental institution.”

It doesn’t say that, but it should. What it does say is, “Girl, we are not responsible for the bullshit you’re to hear so don’t sue us…sue Rudy.” OK, it doesn’t say that either…but it should.

Seriously this time, what it truly says is, and I’m being honest…”The farts you’re about to hear do not represent WABC or its affiliates.” I’m sorry.

What it does say is, ” the views, assumptions and opinions expressed by Mr…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

PERFECTION — “Photo: DK, Daybreak. 6:36 am Jan 29, 2021. 13° F, feels like minus 4° F, wind gusts up to 38 mph. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.”

Live & Learn

—  Mary Oliver, from “Consequences”, Dream Work


  • Quote Source: WeltenWellen.
  • Photo: DK, Daybreak. 6:36 am Jan 29, 2021. 13° F, feels like minus 4° F, wind gusts up to 38 mph. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.

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