Amanda Gorman – “💞 ‘Fury and Faith Poem’ 💞 …. “!!

~~February 12, 2021~~


I keep finding more and more evidence of the immense talent that is encompassed in the tiny body of this amazing young poet.

The voice of her generation … a loud voice with quite a message!!


“We cannot stand up to police if we cannot cease policing our own imagination, convincing our communities that this won’t work, before the work has even begun,” the 22-year-old said in her poem, “Fury and Faith“.


Amanda Gorman Delivered An Achingly Moving Poem In Response To BLM Protests Over The Summer

Before she mesmerized the nation during the presidential inauguration on Wednesday, poet Amanda Gorman delivered another captivating performance during the summer, sending words of encouragement to protesters of racial injustice.

In the poem “Fury and Faith” uploaded to YouTube in August, Gorman encouraged the protesters to keep going despite constant criticism from those who oppose the demonstrations.

The poem, performed for the Bach Virtuosi Festival, was said to be a response to the “hopelessness of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protest,” according to the video’s description.

“You will be told that this is not a problem, not your problem,” the Los Angeles poet said in her poem. “You will be told that now is not the time for change to begin, told that we cannot win. But the point of protest isn’t winning. It’s holding fast to the promise of freedom even when fast victory is not promised.”

The history-making inauguration poet particularly focused on police brutality, a longstanding issue that came to the forefront during the summer as protesters demanded justice for George Floyd.

“We cannot stand up to police if we cannot cease policing our own imagination, convincing our communities that this won’t work, before the work has even begun – that this can wait when we’ve already waited out a thousand sons,” the 22-year-old said.


~~Published August 16, 2020~~

Amanda Gorman read her poem ‘Fury and Faith‘ for a perfomance on equality, social justice and love called “Brotherhood/Sisterhood” at the Bach Virtuosi Festival’s Virtual Virtuosi on August 16, 2020. This is the full version of her poem.

Amanda Gorman, a graduate of Harvard University, was the Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of the United States.

You can read more about her at her website:​.

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Amanda Gorman – “💞 ‘Chorus of the Captains’ Quote – Super Bowl LV 💞 …. “!!


~~February 12, 2021~~


Activist and poet Amanda Gorman, who was the country’s first ever National Youth Poet Laureate, recited an original poem before Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Gorman’s poem, “Chorus of the Captains“, celebrated and introduced the three honorary captains – Pittsburgh-based Marine veteran James Martin, who volunteers with the Wounded Warrior Project and works with at-risk kids, Los Angeles educator Trimaine Davis and Tampa ICU nurse manager Suzie Dorner – who were specially invited to the game by the NFL.


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A Picture Says a Thousand Words …. “😡 ‘This One, a Cartoon, Screams – Impeachment Edition – Hawley’s’ 😡 …. “!!

~~February 12, 2021~~


I’ll leave this here.



Trump loyalist Josh Hawley ignores impeachment trial evidence by sitting in gallery to review paperwork

Senator Josh Hawley, a bellwether of Donald Trump‘s “stop the steal” movement to overturn the 2020 election results, was watching the second day of impeachment proceedings against the former president from the gallery above the chamber.

The Trump loyalist, a first-term Missouri Republican, was seen at various points with his legs crossed, his feet propped up on the chair in front of him, and reviewing some sort of paperwork in a manila folder, according to several reporters with a view of the room from their seats in the press gallery.


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Something to Think About …. “🤔 ‘I’ll Never Forget, Never Forgive – as Long as I Live’ 🤔 …. “!!

~~February 12, 2021~~


January 6, 2021, another day of infamy that will live in American history.

The prosecutors phase in the second impeachment trial of this worthless, sack of skin full with excrement ended yesterday. They presented a precise, consice, fact-based case for most of the 16 alloted hours.

The behavior of plenty of the ‘GQP Senators’ is beyond redemption and totally disgraceful.

Today the defense will cite their argument. They also have 16 hours alloted – I’ve heard that they expect to be done in 3 hours time today.


Change my mind!


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This Is The Way …

Oh boy!! Things are getting heated! Seems to be ‘cancel culture’ is realy accountability culture’ – THERE!! … bad if Ted sides with you, you’ve already lost! He sucks!! … “And in case you don’t believe Gina is on the wrong side of this, you need no better proof than Ted Cruz. Yes, Ted Cruz rushed to Gina’s defense. Sorry, Gina. No amount of beskar will save you from a Ted Cruz defense!!



In case you’re not a geek: The Mandalorian is a spinoff of Star Wars. It’s a series that runs on Disney+. Din Djarin is a bounty hunter hopping from planet to planet, capturing bad guys, freezing them in carbonite for delivery all while practicing the Mandalorian culture of never taking his helmet off. He says throughout the series, “This is the way.”

Spoiler alert for next paragraph: Throughout the first season, we don’t see Mando’s face (Mando is his nickname). It’s his “way” that no living thing is to see his face…ever. No Humans, no Gungans, no Zabraks, no Wookies, no Ewoks, no Togrutas, or no Twi’leks. Not even Baby Yoda (we still don’t know what he is) who he collects on a bounty and decides to keep and protect and eventually becomes his parent. Yeah, the series is weird. At the end of the first season, we finally see…

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Walking. With Toko-pa.

Brrrrr!! … daylight begins!! … “283 days. Consecutive. Cove Island Park morning walk. 14° F, feels like 5° F temp.”

Live & Learn

283 days. Consecutive. Cove Island Park morning walk.

14° F, feels like 5° F temp. What fresh hell is this? (Dorothy Parker)

I’m near the end of my loop.  Boots swish through the crusty snow. I’m making my way to Cove Island Point.

And there it was.

It pierced through my tuk…

and through the hoodie pulled over my tuk…

and somehow she pierced through the noise cancelling earbuds that were pumping Taylor Swift’s EvermoreAnd I was catching my breath / Barefoot in the wildest winter.

I snap a picture, that one above. And pause to watch.

The rustling of this single, dry leaf, clinging to the branch by its ever-so-thin stem, and shivering. How delicate. How fragile.How barefoot in the wildest winter.

The north wind gusts, she shudders, and I shudder along with her.

Toko-pa Turner: What is wild in us are the ways…

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