Motivational Monday …. “🌾 ‘Strongly Believe This – Yet, Easier Said than Done’ 🌾 …. “!!

~~February 15, 2021~~


It’s an invaluable commodity that we have. It’s a precious jewel that we need to protect. It’s under attack, from many different angles every hour of the day.

As I say, easier said than done … has to be ‘done’ every day!



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Oh No, Cuomo

This really, really saddens me!! I watched those press conferecnes regularly. Gov. Cuomo gave me solace at a time when that was almost totally absent! … “As it turns out, the administration undercounted deaths, possibly by 50%. There are calls in the state, and from Democrats who control the state legislature, to strip Governor Cuomo of his emergency powers that were given to him at the start of this pandemic. It gets worse. There are calls for Cuomo’s impeachment.”



Yesterday, a got an email from an editor in Georgia telling me since there are so many liberal cartoonists, that I should stop drawing liberal cartoons and start drawing conservative ones. This cartoon is not a response to that because I have a bit of integrity. As CNN’s Jake Tapper said regarding this story, “indecent behavior is indecent behavior, regardless of party.”

This may come as a huge shock to you since I am such a left-wing liberal, but I’m not tribal. I’m not partisan. I’m not a member of the Democratic Party. Corruption from Democrats is just as bad as corruption from Republicans.

If I was a conservative cartoonist, I would be jumping all over this while claiming the death rates from the coronavirus are all made up, except in New York, and that Donald Trump shouldn’t be blamed for anything in handling the pandemic. But I’m not a…

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Sadly … this is exactly what happened!!



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