Now is Naomi Osaka’s time after dominant Australian Open victory, fourth Slam

Way to go!! … “With American roots and a heritage touching Haiti and Japan, Osaka has the multicultural reach to be a force in anything she wants to pursue. That was true the moment she broke through for that first U.S. Open title, but it’s taken until now for all the pieces to come together. “

Repeating Islands

As a follow-up to our previous post on Naomi Osaka’s recent victory, here is an article in which Dan Wolken (USA Today, “Opinion”) offers his take on Naomi Osaka’s trajectory and further potential, underlining her multicultural heritage, a U.S. player with roots in Haiti and Japan.

We may never fully understand the degree to which Naomi Osaka’s life was upended a couple years ago when this shy, matter-of-fact young woman won a couple Grand Slams and became a global superstar almost overnight.

But through most of 2019, there was reason to be concerned about how she was handling it. With new responsibilities and big expectations, Osaka started to lose early in tournaments she was suddenly supposed to win and lose to opponents she was supposed to beat.

After winning the U.S. Open and Australian Open back to back, Osaka went 20-12 over the next seven months, changed…

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Naomi Osaka, the bright star of women’s tennis, claims another Australian Open title

#NaomiOsaka … “With the polish of a habitual Grand Slam finalist, Naomi Osaka became a four-time Grand Slam winner Saturday night in Melbourne.”

Repeating Islands

A report by Chuck Culpepper for The Washington Post.

With the polish of a habitual Grand Slam finalist, Naomi Osaka became a four-time Grand Slam winner Saturday night in Melbourne. Her clear familiarity with such rare air guided her through the manageable clutter along the 77-minute path of her latest Australian Open final. It proved decisive by 6-4, 6-3 against a first-time Slam finalist, the impressive Jennifer Brady. It cemented Osaka as the North Star of the women’s tennis moment.

It lent even more grandness to the vista of her future and ushered her further into exalted company. Sweeping her first four Grand Slam finals put her alongside only Monica Seles and Roger Federer in the Open Era, a factoid she found “definitely something crazy to hear.” Holding four or more Grand Slam titles at a promise-packed age of 23 put her alongside Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Kim…

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Creepy Wind Turbines

The Republican way … “The thing I hate most of all is when Ted Cruz lies, then changes that lie into another lie, and then another lie all in one day, that he knows I know he’s lying, but he’s counting on people like my cousin and her fellow Texans to just let it go and pretend the facts are changing with each lie and keep supporting him.”



Ted Cruz is a weird guy that science struggles to explain. How did a thing like Ted Cruz ever happen? Earth, big bang, sure. Ted Cruz? Somebody explain that. What’s even harder to understand than why there’s something as icky as Ted Cruz in the universe are the people who support and defend Ted Cruz. It’s even more difficult than understanding Trump supporters, which include a lot of Ted Cruz people. Ew.

Over the past week, I heard so many people talk about Rush Limbaugh being a man of love who respected people and treated them with dignity and those like me, who would draw mean cartoons about him, are full of hate. I don’t get it. The man who played “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show is to be cherished while liberals like me are full of hate for accusing him of racism? They argue we didn’t listen…

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‘Strange Fruit’ …. “🌳 ‘The Story behind ‘The Song of the Century’ 🌳 …. “!!


~~February 29,2021~~


There’s a new movin coming out soon. It’s called ‘The United States vs Billie Holiday‘. I saw a TV show where the director, Lee Daniels, was talking about his project. Billie Holiday was very well known as an amazing, unique American jazz singer. There’s a side to her which this new movie addresses – she was a civil rights activist.

In view of the times that, as a nation,we are collectively living, this topic is in the forefront. I started looking for the ‘Strange Fruit‘ song and found this.

It was very educational for me.

Take a look!!

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The United States vs. Billie Holiday is an upcoming American biographical drama film directed by Lee Daniels, based on the book Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann HariAndra Day stars in the lead role of Billie Holiday, along with Trevante RhodesNatasha Lyonne, and Garrett Hedlund.

The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on February 26, 2021, on Hulu.


In March 1939, a 23-year-old Billie Holiday walked up to the mic at West 4th’s Cafe Society in New York City to sing her final song of the night.

Per her request, the waiters stopped serving and the room went completely black, save for a spotlight on her face. And then she sang, softly in her raw and emotional voice:

“Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black body swinging in the Southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees …”

When Holiday finished, the spotlight turned off. When the lights came back on, the stage was empty. She was gone. And per her request, there was no encore. This was how Holiday performed “Strange Fruit,” which she would determinedly sing for the next 20 years until her untimely death at the age of 44.

Holiday may have popularized “Strange Fruit” and turned it into a work of art, but it was a Jewish communist teacher and civil rights activist from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol, who wrote it, first as a poem, then later as a song.

His inspiration? Meeropol came across a 1930 photo that captured the lynching of two Black men in Indiana. The visceral image haunted him for days and prompted him to put pen to paper.

While civil rights activists and Black America embraced “Strange Fruit“, the nightclub scene, which was primarily composed of white patrons, had mixed reactions. At witnessing Holiday’s performance, audience members would applaud until their hands hurt, while those less sympathetic would bitterly walk out the door.

When Harry Anslinger, Federal Bureau of Narcotics commissioner, forbid Holiday to perform “Strange Fruit,” she refused, causing him to devise a plan to destroy her. Knowing that Holiday was a drug user, he had some of his men frame her by selling her heroin. When she was caught using the drug, she was thrown into prison for the next year and a half.

Despite her tragic demise, Holiday has a lasting legacy in the world of jazz and pop music. She garnered 23 Grammys posthumously and was recently inducted into the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

~~Published February 7, 2015~~

Strange Fruit – the story behind “The Song of the Century”

The Salt Project and WFYI collaborated on a retrospective of the 75th anniversary of the classic Billie Holiday song “Strange Fruit“.

The video traces the dark inspiration for the song, and the redemptive power of art. The moving SALT video is followed by a powerful performance of the song by Marietta Simpson and Tyron Cooper.

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Puerto Rican Leader Pedro Albizu Campos

EL MAESTRO!! … ” Pedro Albizu Campos was a Latino leader of the Puerto Rican Independence movement in the mid-1900s of African, Taino, and Spanish ancestry. This video looks at his time attending Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and how his experiences there influenced his future activism in Puerto Rico. “

Repeating Islands

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sending this item!] Jazz Dottin (Black Gems Unearthed) shared a YouTube video (October 15, 2020). The video is followed by a list of helpful resources for those interested in following up on Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos (1891-1965),leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party from 1930 to 1965.

Description: Pedro Albizu Campos was a Latino leader of the Puerto Rican Independence movement in the mid-1900s of African, Taino, and Spanish ancestry. This video looks at his time attending Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and how his experiences there influenced his future activism in Puerto Rico. Apologies for any mispronounced names in the video…no disrespect is intended.

Also see

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Don’t Mess With Texas?

Come on, Texas!! Get this done – you gotta change this!! … “Cornyn, along with Cruz and U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw, have been beneficiaries of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry, including multi-nationals like Exxon and Chevron and local power players like Texas TransEastern and Wildhorse Energy.”

On The Fence Voters

Former Mayor of San Antonio and Barack Obama’s Secretary of HUD Julian Castro put it best on Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC the other day: “We need to stop electing people who don’t believe in government, to political positions in the government.”

I wonder how the people of Texas are feeling about their elected GOP leaders these days. Millions are freezing their asses off, being told to boil water, standing in line for groceries and propane, and seeing their neighbors dying after being forced into unsafe acts to stay warm. Is this what they signed up for?

One would think that this might be the final straw. After decades of corporate hack GOP leadership and deregulation on steroids, the state now resembles a failed third-world dictatorship. What more will it take for Texas citizens to throw these idiots out of office and try something different?

They had a chance in…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐈‍⬛ ‘Cat on a Chest’ 🐈‍⬛ …. “!!

~~February 20, 2021~~


This is Kitty, my feral rescue – you must have seen her already. She’s quite a character. She gives love when she feels like it. Seems she needed some today!


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