Insurrection Hearing

My sentiments exactly!! … “”The Repubs looked like clowns during the testimony … they were checking their phones, twirling pens and looking bored … even those that helped incite the insurrection looked like they were thinking of Cancun. The Repubs were a bunch of redundant slugs! Then the tensions were broken by the car crash of Tiger Wood (I am sorry but that had nothing to do with the drama of the day).”

In Saner Thought

Day One

We all have our opinions on what happened on 06 January 2021 with the breach of the police line around the Capitol and protesters entered into the building and began their hours of terror.

Senators on Tuesday began trying to unravel why Capitol rioters were able to advance as far as they did on Jan. 6. On the hot seat for testimony: Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, former House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving, former Senate sergeant-at-arms Michael Stenger, and acting DC Police Chief Robert Contee. The first three resigned under pressure after the riot. Some highlights:

  • FBI warning: The day before the riot, the FBI’s field office in Norfolk, Va., issued a warning that said extremists were calling for violence on Jan. 6 and heading to DC “ready for war,” reports the Hill. However, of the four security officials, only Contee actually saw the warning, per the

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Conspiracy Tiger …

The ‘Insurrection Hearing’#SeditiousGOP in the meantime, about Tiger!!

Why was every spolight on him almost all day? – “As for Tiger Woods, sounds like we have good news this morning. Tiger, stop driving fast and stop palling around with Trump. Tiger allowed Trump to use him for a photo-op when Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Tiger, when it comes to Trump medals, you’re in the same company as Rush Limbaugh. Not good. Karma is mean. Don’t accept medals from people who incite white supremacist terrorist attacks.”


The attack on the United States Capitol building was instigated by months of a Big Lie that Donald Trump won the election and it was stolen from him. It was largely built around right-wing terrorists who coordinated with each other how to seize the Capitol. Before the event, Donald Trump called these supporters to be in Washington, D.C. on January 6. Senators Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, and several others helped push the Big Lie. The day of the attack, when Congress was certifying the election which is a task mandated by the United States Constitution, Josh Hawley gave the terrorists a big wave of his first which was either a show of support or to show he wanted to whack them off. Either way, he wanted to pleasure terrorists.

Ted Cruz, along with Hawley, did all they could to slow down the certification process, using the Big Lie…

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A family reunion? … “Source: Nat Geo by Abhishek Hajela. United Colours of Rajasthan at Pushkar Fair.”

Live & Learn


  • Source: Nat Geo by Abhishek Hajela. United Colours of Rajasthan at Pushkar Fair.
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again.

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🌻 ‘From the Light of Heaven’ 🌻 …. “!!

~~February 24, 2021~~


We are begins made of light. Where does it come from? The Universe? Source? It has to be from some place. Think about it.

Your answer is your strength!



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