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What happened to ‘pariah’? … SMGH!! … “Trump’s position was, “Our relationship is with Saudi Arabia, not with freedom and not with the truth.” Biden’s is, “Our relationship is with Saudi Arabia, the truth, and maybe some of the freedom. Eh. Here and there.” … President Joe Biden, defend a free press. Don’t coddle the murderers of journalists. Remember Jamal Khashoggi.”



One of my biggest problems with Donald Trump is that the leader of the free world is supposed to set an example for the rest of the world to follow and be a champion of freedom. That includes freedom of the press because even as a president may fight with journalist, he is still supposed to value the importance a free press brings to democracy. You can NOT have a free country without a free press. This is a fact.

Instead of championing freedom, Donald Trump attacked our democratic allies over the price of cheese, how much they contributed to NATO, questioned if we needed NATO, and insulted the leader of Denmark for not selling us Greenland. He sucked up to leaders who were strongmen and suppressors of freedom in Turkey, the Philippines, China, North Korea, and Russia. He took Russia’s president’s words over that of our intelligence agencies. He…

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The United States vs Billie Holiday

I watched last night!!Awesome!! The USA isn’t the nation what we think it is!!

By Hook Or By Book


Tomorrow, the much buzzed about The United States vs Billie Holiday, starring Andra Day, is dropping on Hulu here in the U.S. and it’ll be on Sky Cinema in the UK on Saturday. Here’s the trailer:

And here are both Bille Holiday and Andra Day singing the heart wrenching anti-lynching song, Strange Fruit.

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IOTD …. “🤨 Images of the Day, ‘Sad and Scary, Real Edition – #CPAC2020’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~February 28, 2021~~


This is, sadly, literally happening about 30 mins from where I live.

This is what the Repuglican Party has become – the ReTrumplicans.

They worsphip at the altar of the ‘Golden One‘.

Many followers do it because they ‘truly’ believe. Others are taking advantage of their blind beliefs for their own benefit. The Republican Party has shown exactly where they stand and what they will do to stay in power.

I really have no words and fail to comprehend this. Guess my heart, mind and soul are pure?


Sunday Thoughts …. “🌞 ‘Beautiful Sun, Blue Skies and You’ 🌞 …. “!!

~~February 28, 2021~~


This is what’s happening in my location.

It’s a beautiful day!



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To Start the Day …. “🌻 ‘Today is SunFlowerDay’ 🌻 …. “!!

~February 28, 2021~~


Wishing you and yours a beautiful day. Beauty and happiness wished for all!



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