Grab ‘Em By The Cuomo

A total letdown when it was least needed!! … “Maybe a good rule of thumb for Democrats would be: What would Donald Trump do? Think about what that would be, then don’t do it.”



Goddammit, Andrew Cuomo. Stop making me draw cartoons about you.

When I drew a cartoon on the scandal of Cuomo covering up the number of nursing home deaths from covid, liberals came at me. I got a lot of “but what about Trump?” and “you’re drinking the Kool-Aid.” The second time I covered it, after Saturday Night Live went after him, I didn’t get one complaint from liberals. I’m still getting a bunch of “whatabouts” for my Biden/MBS cartoon and the one I drew yesterday on detaining migrant children.

No, I have not become a conservative. Two things have happened. A Democrat won the presidency and Andrew Cuomo keeps fucking up.

And this cartoon is not a “whatabout.” I’m not saying, “Leave Cuomo alone because Trump is worse.” We know Trump is worse. When it comes not punishing Saudi Arabia for murdering a journalist, or detaining migrant children, or sexual…

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Unity My Ass!

My sentiments exactly!! Not in my lifetime either … “Please stop hoping for ‘unity’ … it will not happen in my lifetime ….and may not happen for decades … until the country is more important that the stupidity of party politics this country will suffer and split into camps of insulting little toads.”

In Saner Thought

Sen. Lindsey Graham recently ask, “Why don’t Democrats want unity’?

Now that the GOP has lost its power they are crying for unity.  I say GFY!

Ever since Joe Biden has been elected he has made statements about “the time for healing the country”.

This is so much horse manure!

This country will not heal anytime soon.

Getting rid of the slug Trump is not what will bring about unity.

Why am I so pessimistic?

Where to start?

The toad QAnon ilk like Greene who got 199 votes not to sanction her by removing her from committee assignments…..199 members of the House prove that unity is nothing more than a cute word that means absolutely NOTHING!

Not enough to prove my point?

Then how about the survey that shows that if Trump starts his own party they would follow his lead?

A majority of Republican voters said if former President Trump were…

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Walking. In Sacred Time.

Early morning light … Sean Patrick Mulroy: “Here is what I love about the brain: How it remembers. How it sews what soft it can into a blanket for the nights when I am cold …”

Live & Learn

5:15 a.m. Woozy from sleep meds.

Trudge to bathroom. Empty tank. Strip down for morning weigh-in.  Pause. Step over to toilet. Spit. I silently thank Anneli (again) for her tip, every ounce counts. Weigh-in outcome? Flat to yesterday. Could be worse.

Forecast, 19° F. But hold on. With wind chill: 4° F, wind gusts up to 39 mph. Oooooooh.

Body yearns for the warmth of the comforter and the bed. Sean Patrick Mulroy: “Here is what I love about the brain: How it remembers. How it sews what soft it can into a blanket for the nights when I am cold...”

301 consecutive days. Like in a row. Cove Island Park morning walk @ daybreak. Gotta keep the streak alive.

I suit up.  In this order. Underwear. White cotton t-shirt. Wool socks. Another pair of wool socks over top. Gym shorts over underwear. Fleece…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “💫 ‘Will Always Find a Way’ 💫 …. “!!

~March 2, 2021~~


What we, as a world, a civilization, a generation, are going through collectively, can lead to concern, despair and even giving up.

Remember there’s always a way!!


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