Pepe Le Cancel …

Something to think about … “Pepe Le Pew will not be appearing in the upcoming Space Jam movie. In case you don’t remember, Pepe Le Pew was the cartoon skunk who literally tried to grab her by the pussy.

We should not make light of rape culture. And let’s be honest. Pepe exhibited behavior that shouldn’t be championed. But then again, what cartoon behavior do we champion? In the context that Pepe was to be included, it sounds like pulling the scene does more harm than good. Pepe is iconic and there’s more to be gained from his inclusion than his removal.”



Add a new one to conservatives outrage over cancel culture as news hit that Pepe Le Pew will not be appearing in the upcoming Space Jam movie. In case you don’t remember, Pepe Le Pew was the cartoon skunk who literally tried to grab her by the pussy.

Conservatives are NOT upset about the attempted “canceling” of an old horny governor who asks young woman if they’ve ever wanted to sleep with an old horny governor, but hands off our rapey cartoon characters for children.

Admittedly, the old Warner Bros. cartoons weren’t really written for children, but they probably made kids smarter. Bugs Bunny introduced children and adults to the William Tell Overture and Ride of the Valkyries while also opening our minds to the concept of a pistol-waving big mustache drawfy prospector marrying a rabbit in drag…when Elmer wasn’t trying to tap that Bugs booty (not knowing it was…

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Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “💉 ‘Mr. Biden – Bring Me My Vaccine’ 💉 …. “!!

~~March 9, 2021~~


Randy’s back!! He’d been away for a few weeks!!

So glad to see his amazing genius at work!

And the best thing, this one isn’t related to the ‘Former Guy’! How refreshing!

This means Randy is an equal opportunity ‘parody maker’.




Randy Rainbow Begs President Biden for a Vaccine in Latest Musical Parody!

Seconds before the “interview,” he confidentially asks Biden, “Could you, maybe at some point, just like curse, or say something completely looney tunes, or offensive?

The other guy used to do that and it made this whole thing a little funnier.”

In response to Rainbow’s question, the vacant expression on Biden’s face is priceless.

Before breaking out in song, parody savant Randy Rainbow first “interviews” president Joe Biden on his “RR News” segment, and it’s this part of the video – a full minute and a half – that is by far the funniest.

“I’m just trying to work with you here,” Rainbow says, controlling his irritation.

His humdrum back and forth with Biden lulls Rainbow into into a snooze, in which he has a terrifying dream of the ex-prez, only to wake up and find himself back with the stony faced Biden. Rainbow’s own expressions and reactions to the new president are, as always, comically brilliant.

Eventually Rainbow does break into song, “Mr. Biden (Bring My Vaccine),” a parody of 1954’s “Mr. Sandman,” sung by the Chordettes (among others). It’s fun and amusing, but not as strong as some of his pokes during the Trump administration. In fact, it makes me wonder if Randy should branch out into comedy skits on their own, separately from his music videos.

His videos have appeared regularly on popular blogs Towleroad, Queerty, Perez Hilton and VH1’s Best Week Ever. Randy was a columnist for HX Magazine, one of New York’s most prominent gay publications, and has also written for Kathy Griffin.


Ready for your vaccine?

So is Randy Rainbow and he’s telling us all about it in his latest musical parody. Check out the hilarious-as-always spoof of “Mr. Sandman” below.

~~Published March 9, 2021~~

MR. BIDEN (Bring My Vaccine)

He sings: “Mr. Biden, bring my vaccine. Keep me protected from COVID-19. Tell me the trick to how I might earn a fix of that magic Pfizer or Moderna.”

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Harry and Meghan the Split Heard Round The World

Parallels? Duke and Duckess of Windsor … “In time the public saw their love affair as a storybook fantasy of romance winning out over duty and defying the contempt of government. In the end, it was love that trumped hate. And still does … “

Envisioning The American Dream

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The divisiveness is palpable

Families are feuding. Longtime Facebook friends are parting ways after bitter exchanges, angrily hitting the unfriend button in a self-satisfied rage.

Tempers and moods are at a fever pitch here in America and it is not about politics but about an event across the pond. I am talking of course about Harry and Megan.

The kerfuffle caused by “The Interview” has created an epic chasm of choosing sides. It’s splitsville and not just in the Royal family.

Are we missing those heated days of Trump with each side digging in their heels and when neither side would budge and there seems no middle ground?

Is divisiveness the new normal?

Picking Sides

Megan Markle is either a manipulative bitch, a seasoned actress skillfully playing on our emotions,  tearing poor pussy-whipped Prince Harry away from the bosom of his family aka The Firm. Or she is forthright, honest…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🌼 ‘Do Not Resist Change – Let Life Flow’ 🌼

~~March 9, 2021~~


Don’t go against the current … it will be easier!



~Rumi Hugs Facebook Page~

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