Friday Fun Fact, #2 …. “🇵🇷 ‘Which Shade are You?’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~March 12, 2021~~


One of the many things I love abouut my coountry is that we are a ‘mix’. Our heritage comes from the European ‘settlers’, the African slave and the indigenous Taíno native.

We come is all shapes and in all colors.

This makes me so proud of my origin!!


Who’s A Good Boy?

Major and Champ … we expect plenty from these rescue dogs in the White House!! Go for them, boys!!



President Joe Biden has brought dogs back into the White House. One of the dogs, Major, is the first rescue dog to occupy the White House. Having a dog shows that a person has empathy, care, and love for something other than himself. It’s why Donald Trump never owned a dog.

Earlier this week, someone spooked Major and he bit that individual. According to reports, Major “nipped” a Secret Service agent. A nip is when it is a bite but skin is not broken.

Major and co-first dog, Champ, were both returned to the Biden home in Delaware while First Lady Jill Biden was traveling. They’ll return to the White House soon enough. The White House is still a new environment and for now, it probably will be better for their mom to be there with them. Major and Champ are on the very short list of who can walk…

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