Trained To Do …

BOTTOM LINE … “Cops are not supposed to murder, even if they’re trained to do so. Cops are supposed to protect and serve and do it equally. There should be one justice system in this country, not two. This reveals it’s not just Chauvin on trial … it’s all of police culture. If we’re training cops to murder then the entire system that treats Americans unequally needs to be on trial. That entire system needs to be prosecuted and sent away.”



For nearly a year, conservatives have been telling us what a thug and horrible person George Floyd was. They’ve been working hard to paint him as a dangerous element to society in order not just to defend the cop who killed him, but also the culture that killed him. Racist conservatives have been telling us George Floyd deserved to die.

Conservatives forget that the charge was for trying to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit bill. They ignore whether or not he resisted. For conservatives, the charge is that George Floyd was black. For conservatives, that’s a crime deserving of a death sentence without a trial.

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin pushed his knee into George Floyd’s neck. The only things on both sides of his neck for over nine minutes was a cop’s knee and the concrete of a Minneapolis street. Why was there so much police brutality in this…

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the act of looking out the window

The widonw outside … “When trapped indoors, the act of looking out the window can become a simple, nearly sublime pleasure. We talked to the cartoonist Tom Gauld about his latest cover for the magazine … ”

Live & Learn

When trapped indoors, the act of looking out the window can become a simple, nearly sublime pleasure. We talked to the cartoonist Tom Gauld about his latest cover for the magazine…

Do you have any favorite sights outside your window?

It’s nice to see more of my neighbors as they walk along the street—usually, many of them would be at work all day. And, when I take walks, I see a lot more people sitting by their front windows, often working on a laptop. The idea for this cover started when I walked past a building and noticed that there was a figure in almost every one of the windows. I tried to imagine an everyday event that might attract the attention of everyone in a building.

Do you have a dog, and, if you don’t, do you envy those who do?

I don’t have a dog, and really I’m…

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No Reasonable Voting Laws

Gotta know her …. Sidney Powell!! … “Release the Kraken”!!



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Racism is never reasonable.

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “💫 ‘Storms of Life – Soar Like an Eagle’ 💫 …. “!!

~~March 30, 2021~~


Like no other!



I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly like an eagle

Let my spirit carry me

I want to fly like an eagle

‘Til I’m free

Oh, Lord through the revolution

(partial lyrics)

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