Ricky Martin and Carlos Vives …. “🎶 ‘Canción Bonita – Official Video’ 🎶 …. “!!

~~April 15, 2021~~


Awesome collaboration! Spirits up and high! Joy abounds!

Typically what you find when Latinos get together!



Enrique Martín Morales, better known as Ricky Martin, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, actor, author, record producer and humanitarian who is known as the “King of Latin Pop” and the “Latin Music King”. He began his career at age 12 with the all-boy pop group Menudo. 

Carlos Vives was born on 7 August 1961 in Santa MartaMagdalena, Colombia, where he spent his first 12 years of life. At that age, he and his family moved to Bogotá in search of a better life.


~~Premiered April 13, 2021~~

Carlos Vives & Ricky Martin – Canción Bonita

(Official Video)

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#TBT …. “😎 ‘ThrowBack Thursday – Cuchina’s Happy Days at Home’ 😎 …. “!!

~~April 15, 2021~~


The top picture was taken at one of our favorite local restaurants. We were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. It was such an awesome day!

Cuchina was traveling with us and she wanted to be included. I obliged.

Little did we know, at this time, that the following morning, around 4AM, we’d be suddenly awakened by a 6.4 earthquake!! It was January 7, 2020.

That’s when the persistent, continues earth tremors began in the southwestern region of Puerto Rico!

An impressive, concerning and unforgettable experience!

Nevertheless, we were back home by Febraury 2020.

Home calls us back!


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Goodbye, Afghanistan

Yep, it’s time … “We are supposed to learn from history. We didn’t learn from Vietnam not to stay in indefinite wars. We didn’t learn from the British or Russian history with Afghanistan. We stayed in Afghanistan longer than the Soviet Union did. We suck at history.”



We stayed in Afghanistan so long, that political cartoonists can spell “Afghanistan” without looking it up. Probably.

A friend of mine is one of those far-left liberals, that in his eyes, liberal Democrats are the same as Republicans. Nothing is ever good enough and even though he’s nearly 60 years old, he’s as immature as an 18-year-old Bernie Bro. He went from claiming that Bernie Sanders was the only one who could beat Trump to the claim Bernie would have beaten Trump by a larger margin than Biden did…and he never predicted Trump would beat Biden. Yeah, he’s also a narcissist who works for Sputnik.

My friend has been consistent in one regard and that is he never supported the war in Afghanistan. He’s been demanding that we leave that nation since we got in. Today, we’re not leaving fast enough.

President Joe Biden has ordered a withdrawal of American…

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Lightly Child, Lightly.

Wise words!! … ““There are two different ways of looking at the world.” – and more. — Andy Goldsworthy, from “Leaning Into the Wind” (1987).

Live & Learn

“There are two different ways of looking at the world. You can walk on the path, or you can walk through the hedge. And I think that’s the beauty of art, that it just makes you step aside, off the normal way of walking or looking…”

There’s this wonderful sort of tension in the wind — that moment when you’re held there suspended is a very beautiful moment … a moment of clarity in a very chaotic situation. … It’s like a shaft of light that penetrates.

—  Andy Goldsworthy, from “Leaning Into the Wind” (1987)


  • Andy Goldsworthy (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland.
  • Quotes via The Hammock Papers.
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly…

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Thursday Thoughts …. “💖 ‘Expect Nothing in Return’ 💖 …. “!!

~~April 15, 2021~~


The foundation of your being, your self, your manner.

Do everything with a good heart – personal fulfillment will follow!



~Love Never Fails Facebook Page~


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To Start the Day …. “💐 ‘Choose This Day’ 💐 …. “!!

~~April 15, 2021~~


“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”

~Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart~


~Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page~


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