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~~April 16, 2021~~


I was having lunch. We were ‘celebrating’ Three Kings Day as well as our 6th anniveesary. I had my cell phone near me and alerts about the Capitol being on lockdown started coming through.

I turned the TV on and could’t believe what my eyes were seeing!

It was a ‘never seen before’ event, straight out of an action/spy movie. It shook me to my bones … I still remain shaken because the aftermath has been totally opposite of what any sensible, patriotic, proud American would have said and done.

The Republican party, Trump followers, the sycophants, the Trump family members … have all continued espousing the ‘big lie’.

I really don’t know where the nation will collectively go!



On January 6, 2021, the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. was stormed during a riot and violent attack against the U.S. Congress. A mob of supporters of ‘President’ Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes to formalize Joe Biden‘s victory. 

The Capitol complex was locked down and lawmakers and staff were evacuated while rioters occupied and vandalized the building for several hours. More than 140 people were injured in the storming. Five people died either shortly before, during, or shortly after it.


~~Published April 16, 2021~~

Today marks 100 days since the events of January 6th and the Capitol Insurrection. Republicans want you to forget about what happened that day.

We cannot look away from this moment.


~~Published April 16, 2021~~

January 6 by the numbers shows just how far-reaching the impacts of that violent insurrection continue to be to this day.


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the latest news is not the last

A very sick nation!! … ” A FedEx facility in Indianapolis, a supermarket in Boulder, Asian spas in Atlanta, a brewery in Milwaukee – the same place as always. Murmuring the same stories as if it were the first time. The latest news is not the last.”

Bah, the latest news, the latest news is not the last.”

I wake up and before I finish making the bed, I hear there’s “a mass murder incident” in Indianapolis. A mass murder incident. You know how the meaning of some terms change over time? Like ‘cheater’ used to refer to an officer appointed to look after the king’s escheats — property that reverted to the State or the King when somebody died without a legal heir — and now means a person who cheats? Well, in terms of mass murder, the original definition of ‘incident’ still applies. An incident is ‘something which occurs casually in connection with something else.’

There was a mass murder incident in Indianapolis this morning — the murder of at least eight people occurring casually in connection with…well, with going to work in a nation that has a small but powerful minority…

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Fresh Terrorists

The general state of America – a very sick nation!! … “The best evidence we need police reform is America’s police. No more racist cops. No more system of systemic racism.”



We don’t just need police reform in this nation. We need justice reform.

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live did a skit of a morning news show where the white hosts were certain Derek Chauvin would be convicted while the black hosts were like, “eh…we’re not so sure.” I’ll be honest, I will not be shocked if Chauvin walks. Sure, his defense has been ridiculous, but have you met white America? The jury is mostly white and they only need to convince one juror there’s doubt of Chauvin’s guilt…not even that he is innocent. They only need one juror to refuse to convict. Let me remind you, they’re in white Minnesota.

Last June, the National Guard used tear gas to clear protesters away from the White House for no reason other than a photo-op for Donald Trump. The attack from the government came before curfew in broad daylight. The protesters were…

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