Heartwarming, True Story … “✨ ‘Stacy – Long Lost Family Finally Found and Reunited’ ✨ …. “!!

~~May 2, 2021~~


Here’s a story very well worth telling! It will raise your spirits and confirm that good things happen in this crazy world of ours.

Stacy is my tattoo artist. I’ve known her for years. She’s the one who has done all of my body art. I feel so very lucky to have crossed paths with this wonderul ‘Light Lady‘.

I didn’t know her full story. I heard sometime that she had been adopted as a child. That’s all I knew until maybe one month ago.

As the story goes, Stacy had been looking for her blood family. Her daughter Tarynn submitted DNA samples to DNA Ancestry and voilá … a full blood line connection appeared! Like a reflection on a pond!

Throughout the following weeks, Stacy posted about her new found, lost family and all her friends were ‘exposed‘ to her thoughts, feelings and emotions about what was about to come to fruition.

Making a long story short, last week Stacy traveled to New York and met her Mommy, Feliciana (her younger sister), Alejandro (her younger brother) and plenty of extended family.

I’ll let Stacy’s own words describe this elating, uplifting, emotional story that just expanded her life.

We were privy to some of her experience!

I feel lucky to have been one of those.

To found extended family, to love and to future trips and more meetings!!



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Walking. It Ain’t Disney on the Sabbath.

Mamma Goose – she’s still there! Protecting her young … “Go ahead, lip sync. I’ll wait. 362 consecutive days. Like in a Row. Morning walk @ Cove Island Park.”

Live & Learn

5:50 a.m.

Go ahead, lip sync. I’ll wait.  362 consecutive days. Like in a Row. Morning walk @ Cove Island Park.

I can see her from the parking lot.  She’s up.  I rush to grab the camera gear, worried that she’s going to plop down again and I’ll miss the shot.

Yet, Something is off.

A raven approaches the nest with his shrill KRAA! KRAA! KRAA!

The male rushes towards it, hissing. Canadians, normally patient, and ever-courteous, can be pushed only so far.  Nasty black scavenger, steps back, offers a half-a**ed kraa! and takes watch from a distance. I look around for a stone to join in the defense. Lucky for you Ray, I didn’t find one.

Mother Goose, meanwhile continues to peck away at her nest.

There’s no sign of eggs.

No sign of little ones.

I wait.

And watch.

No eggs. No little ones.

She’s pecking…

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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “🦅 ‘Soaring Spirit, Wind Beneath Your Wings’ 🦅 …. “!!

~~May 2, 2021~~


Here are my wishes for all of you who stop by and take a look.

Soar high, above the clouds, attain your goals, be your best and always have something/someone on your side!



If you say someone or something is “the wind beneath my wings” it means they are a support system and without them you could not succeed.

(one of the many interpretations!)

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