Why is the GOP Against The For the People Act?

For the People Act – get it done!! … “Are we going to make it easier for people to vote and make their voices heard? Or do we let the GOP take a sledgehammer to voting rights and send us back to the days before landmark Voting and Civil Rights legislation in the 60s?”

On The Fence Voters

It’s far past time we start to hold the GOP accountable, especially as it pertains to The For the People Act, already passed as H.R. 1in the House, and S. 1, its mostly similar companion legislation pending in the Senate. It’s a simple question that needs to be asked: Why on earth are you against this piece of legislation?

Because once you take a look at it, you can only wonder what it is that keeps our GOP friends in Congress from supporting the bill. Because, folks, this bill will transform our politics for generations to come if it were to become law. And for the better.

The opportunity to truly remake our democracy in the 21st century is within our grasp. Failure to capitalize is not an option. Yes, we can talk about Senator Joe Manchin, if you’d like, because who in the hell knows where…

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Sweet Caroline For Cops

#SayHisName … Andrew Brown, Jr.!! … “George Floyd’s murderer was convicted in Minnesota. Floyd’s family received justice. Andrew Brown was killed by multiple cops in North Carolina where the laws are designed to protect cops. Even videos of the shooting can’t be released without a judge’s order. In this case, the judge has stonewalled. The good-ole-boy network is strong in North Carolina.”



The nation was shocked with the conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Shocked because normally, cops get away with killing unarmed black men. Prosecutors will often say, “Nothing to see here,” and work diligently to protect police, which is what happened in Ferguson over the cop killing of Michael Brown and Cleveland over the cop killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. In both of those cases, prosecutors put together grand juries that refused to indict the cops. Grand juries typically do what a prosecutor wants. If there’s no indictment, it’s because the prosecutor didn’t want one. Too often when it comes to cops killing an unarmed black man, district attorneys act more like defense lawyers than prosecutors. It’s what they often refer to in the south as the good-ole-boy network. Good-ole boys take care of good-ole boys.

After Chauvin was convicted as a murderer, a…

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We Need A ‘Counter-Revolution’ …

You got that right!! So do I … “I believe that civics is one of the most important subjects that needs more attention in our educational system.” – lest be further along in doom!!

In Saner Thought

There those out there (of which I am one) that believes that there needs to be a standardize educational program on civics.

For too long the subject of civics has been ignored and attempted to reign the subject to the dust bin of history (I always like the saying)…. most Americans are ignorant on the use of civics and how the government works….

Look at the last election and the response by Americans…..where about 10 millions Americans think the election was stolen or somehow illegitimate…. which NO evidence has proven the claims of a stolen election….all of which lead to the insurrection of 06 January….

So I agree with a statement from the Claremont Institute…..that there needs to be an educational counter-revolution.

Claremont Institute president Ryan Williams says that American civic education faces an acute crisis. In his estimation, essentially every institution – the vast complex of media, Big Tech…

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Indeed – new endeavors!! … Caleb is extending his awesome Brand. Camel Cushion Covers @ Ikea.”

Live & Learn


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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🌻 ‘Make Yourself a Priority – Always’ 🌻 …. “!!

~~May 19, 2021~~


Wose words!!



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To Start the Day …. “💃 ‘New Day, New Hopes, New Beginning’ 💃 …. “!!

~~May 19, 2021~~


And so much more .. make the best of it.

It’s another chance!!


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