Biden’s Broken Promises

Why is it that I’m getting this feeling too? … may be too early yet but time doesn’t stop for ANYTHING/ANYONE!! … The ‘people’ worked and voted their asses off!! What do we see happening since DEMs got power? … grtting my teeth!!

Broken promises with crack in concrete with words

In Saner Thought

I know it is early in Biden’s presidency….but he made so many promises to us voters and I think we need to look at his agenda so far…..

And Biden is NOT alone….most Dems in Congress are abandoning us mere peasants as they always do after the vote.

First it was the minimum wage. Then student loans. Then the $300 weekly unemployment benefit. Then ditching the God-awful Trump tax cuts for billionaires. There was also the public option. Biden sure was racking up a lot of things he wouldn’t fight for, and guess what they all share? They’re all things working people care about – vitally.

Biden and the Dems may figure they can abandon workers, because who will they turn to? Ignominious Trump? The would-be Republican Reich devoted to worker destruction? Not likely. But they could stay home during the mid-terms and, even more devastatingly for Dems, in 2024…

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Italian Satellites Vs. Jewish Space Lasers

SMGH!! … QAnon, Jewish Space Lasers, Italygate!! – in their own words. “PURE INSANITY! … you gotta read this!! – “The Trump administration and their followers are insane. Capisce?”


I imagine space has to be really tight just outside our planet’s atmosphere. In addition to the International Space Station and the still-under-construction Chinese space station (with three astronauts currently on it), there are about 2,000 active satellites, 3,000 dead satellites, and over 34,000 pieces of space junk orbiting our planet. And if you think all that space junk is a catastrophe waiting to happen (there’s a one in 3,200 chance you may be hit in the head by a piece of falling space crap), wait until the ballot-changing Italian satellites duke it out with the Jewish space lasers.

You do remember the whole thing about Jewish space Lasers. It was a conspiracy theory pushed by Marjorie Taylor Greene, the congressperson who’s also a member of the Qanon cult, in addition to being in the Trump cult.

Qanon believes there’s a deep state organization controlling our government that consists of…

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My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 ‘Water Wars Behind the Scenes and Full Rematch on Jimmy Fallon’s Show’ 🌺 …. “!!

~~June 21, 2021~~


In that order!! These guys have a history. Watch it replayed as a second ‘game’.

‘WaterWars’ behind the scenes and on Jimmy’s show!

It’s really a ‘Momoa Monday Moment’.

Hope you enjoy it!



In the future when humankind had lost the ability to see and is forced to interact in different ways, a set of twins with sight is born, challenging the ‘status quo’.

The series produced exclusively for Appl TV+ has been renewed for a second season.



~~Published June 14, 2021~~

Special thanks to my team, Cast and Crew of SEE and everyone at Jimmy Fallon.Thanks to Manalau and and Ball aluminum cups!


~~Published June 10, 2021~~

Water War Rematch with Jason Momoa

The Tonight Show

Jimmy and Jason face off again ina twsit of the card game War where the loser of each hand faces wet consequences.


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IOTD …. “🇵🇷 Images of the Day, Very Special Edition …. ‘Faro de Los Morrillos’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~June 21, 2021~~


Majestic, sitting atop of an age old rocky stone formation, in the southwest area of Puerto Rico. This was and still is a favorite area of my nation. I enjoyed my early college years in this area. I became a ‘citizen’ of Cabo Rojo then. To this day, my soul is part of this scenery.

It’s really and totally breath taking!!

Take a look.



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Motivational Monday …. “💫 ‘Always, Always, Always – Be YOU’ 💫 …. “!!

~~June 21, 2021~~


Never change who you are unless it’s for personal improvement. Your essence defines you. Keep it at its best.

Always be you!!



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Monday Morning Wake Up Call

It really is an absolutely awesome feeling … “to realize you don’t have to live up to anything anymore.” — Betty Broderick, Dirty John (Netflix, S2:E6, The Twelfth of Never).

Live & Learn

There is nothing more liberating than to realize you don’t have to live up to anything anymore.

— Betty Broderick, Dirty John (Netflix, S2:E6, The Twelfth of Never)

Photo: Esquire

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To Start the Day …. “🌻 ‘Burns Bright in the Morning’s Beam’ 🌻 …. “!!

~~June 21, 2021~~


It’s an awesome morning, it’s another day, it’s another chance.

So thankful to be here again … and again and again.



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