Bezos’ Randy Rocket

Rand Paul, Jeff Bezos … seems to be an pen crops of dicks!! – From the post … “If Billionaire Bezos really wanted his rocket to look like a penis, it would have looked like Rand Paul. Why? Because Rand Paul is a dick, a wanker, a scrotum face, a wiener, a dork, a froto, a donger, a knob, a tool, a mushroom head, a Mr. Knish, a schlong dongadoodle, a mutton flap, a pecker head, a prick, a ramburglar, a rod, and a walking fuck stick. Rand Paul is a cock. Even Republicans think Rand Paul is a one-eyed-monster with a nutsack full of bullshit.”



Yesterday, Jeff Bezos inspired the world. If one phallic-looking human being can put a phallic-looking rocket into space for three minutes, imagine what non-phallic-looking humans can do. And if any aliens were on their way to our planet while that rocket was…entering…space, they probably turned around.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a day ahead of everyone else…or at least schmoes on social media. I posted a YouTube clip of the running gag in the Austin Powers movies about how Dr. Evil’s rocket looks like a penis. The only reactions it received were, “Huh?”. And then yesterday after Bezo’s rocket went off, social media lit up with, “Oh my god, that looks like a dick.” Maybe nobody was paying attention to what was about to happen until it happened. Personally, if a flying penis is about to take to the skies, I want to know about it ahead of time.


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Insurrection Clown Show

Seems to me it’s always been a clown show!! … there’s new NEWS now!!
“I expect nothing from this committee other antics and silliness that has defined the GOP since 2010. All this stupidity proves that the GOP, especially McCarthy, has only one aim … chaos and instability and ass kissing … such a pathetic mob.”

In Saner Thought

Since there will be no commission similar to the 9/11 commission around the insurrection of 06 January…Pelosi has decided to have a House Select Committee….and McCarthy has named the GOP Reps that will be on this commission……

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has made his selections for the five lawmakers he will appoint to the select committee probing the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Jim Banks of Indiana, chair of the Republican Study Committee, will lead the group, whose other members will be Rodney Davis of Illinois (top Republican on the House Administration Committee), Jim Jordan of Ohio (top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee), Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota (a lawyer who was on the House Judiciary Committee when then-President Trump was first impeached), and Troy Nehls of Texas (a former sheriff who helped Capitol Police get rioters away from the House floor).

They won’t be the…

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