A Closer Look at the Work of Puerto Rican Artist, Alfonso Muñoz

Alfonso Muñoz – #BoricuaPride … “I come from a matriarchal family on both sides, so women were the bosses,” Muñoz said. “It’s always been strong women around me in my life and it’s time they have a seat at the top table.”

Repeating Islands

Susanne Ramirez de Arellano (BeLatina) writes about artist Alfonso Muñoz.

Puerto Rican artist Alfonso Muñoz understandswomen. It hits you when you see his multidisciplinary work. He speaks to the feminine with color and shape, acknowledging who we are and our rightful place in the world. We are present with big teeth, plump hands, Amazonian crowns, and star-strewn Spanish colonial dresses worn by erect figures standing on strong thighs. He celebrates our pain and “agallas” — our guts — and portrays us as infantas, as chambermaids, middle-aged Barbies in highfashion, and queens — always regal, never submissive.

The French-Cuban-American diaristAnais Ninonce said that she chooses a man who “compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a…

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Street art and the fight to resist gentrification in Puerto Rico

Stay proud!! .. ““It’s a way to make art more accessible and break the cycle of elitism that is in the art community, and a way of making people recognize that there is beautiful art happening within our community and that it must be visible,” Chachi says.

Repeating Islands

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Sage Mace Rios (El Tecolote, July 16, 2021) writes about community art educators and co-founders of Colectivo Morivivi, Sharon “Chachi’ González Colón and Raysa Raquel Rodríguez García.

In Santurce, Puerto Rico, street art climbs the neighborhood walls jousting for the attention of those who frequent the neighborhood. For a tourist visiting Calle Loiza in the search of a trendy cafe, the messages in the art might go unnoticed as they become mere backdrops for social media posts.

In favor of visibility, the Santurce-based women’s collective, Colectivo Morivivi, utilizes memory and imagination in their murals to resist a colonial narrative as imposed by the oversight board and recent tax acts furthering gentrification and the mass displacement of Boricuas.

Community art educators and co-founders of Colectivo Morivivi, Sharon “Chachi’ González Colón and Raysa Raquel Rodriguez Garcia, explain the…

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Ya Think?


Of course .. the old ‘insanity’ defense. Why not? … even Shaman rhymes with sham!! … AGREE!! — “Now put this d/bag in a rubber room for 20 years … he deserves nothing for his part in the insurrection … “

In Saner Thought

Closing Thought–26Jul21

Let me see….a 30 something that lives with his Mama….has to have a special diet….dresses in shaman’s headdress…paints his bod…..howls…..and thinks he is related to Jesus…..would you think this dude is mentally ill?

The lawyer for the QAnon Shaman has confirmed that his client is off his nutter…..

One of the most recognizable members of the mob that stormed the Capitol has been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses that include transient schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, his lawyer tells Reuters. Psychologists with the Federal Bureau of Prisons made the findings after testing Jacob Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaman, says attorney Albert Watkins. A shirtless Chansley was widely photographed in the Capitol building wearing a headdress with fur and horns. He faces six charges stemming from the riot, per Insider, but Watkins is now working on a plea deal in the wake of the mental health diagnoses…

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Happy Dance

Hey, you idiots!! Your logic is beyond faulty!! … “President Joe Biden won the election because more people in this country voted for him. Just because you can fill up an arena with 15,000 morons doesn’t mean you have the majority of the country. We outnumber you idiots. There’s just enough of you to embarrass us internationally.”



A lot of Republicans’ logic for believing Donald Trump won the election is because he had rallies with thousands of people and Joe Biden did not. They are using desires instead of facts to support their beliefs, but there is a great explanation as to why Joe Biden can win an election without holding massive campaign rallies.

The very simple reason why Joe Biden won the election is because the people who voted for him aren’t in a cult. Have you seen political rallies that were not Trump rallies? If so, compare the way they look to Trump rallies. The MAGAts come out emblazoned with Trump gear, professing their love for Donald Trump, as if he’s the Second Coming. Trust me on this, Trump supporters, it’s not a good look.

President Joe Biden won the election because more people in this country voted for him. Just because you can fill…

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Motivational Monday …. “💫 ‘Seek Wisdom, Seek the Path’ 💫 …. “!!

~~July 26, 2021~~


Very wise words.



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