Covid Rickshaw

The sad reality!! … “Here’s the thing, kids. The guy being pulled up the hill is supposed to be heavy. It’s hard to draw a heavy skinny guy. Fact.”



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I drew two other cartoons on the coronavirus and vaccines this weekend in addition to this one. I may draw one on vaccine passports tonight.

Do you remember that Devin Nunes Cow twitter account that was newsworthy last year or so? Yeah, that guy…or cow…retweeted this cartoon. That cow retweet got over 700 likes, 200 retweets, and a shit ton of comments with many of them accusing me of…wait for it….fatophobia.

Apparently, I’m being mean to fat people. Can I use the fat-friend defense? Some of my best friends are fat? There are fat people in my family? I’m getting fat?

Here’s the thing, kids. The guy being pulled up the hill is supposed to be heavy. It’s hard to draw a heavy skinny guy. Fact.

Stop being…

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Orders From The Top

It’s his fault!! No doubt!! … will he be held accountable? I don’t know … “Trump told his cult to be at the Capitol that day….to come to Washington. He tweeted it was going to be “wild.” His campaign spent $2.7 million to rally the terrorists. Donald Trump told them to march on the Capitol. They carried nooses and other assorted weapons. They brought zip ties. They chanted to hang Mike Pence. They called out for Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They barged in by overrunning the Capitol Police. Five people died.”



A couple days ago, a right-wing oafish cartooning colleague of mine tweeted that comparisons between Donald Trump sending his white nationalist terrorists to attack the Capitol in order to overturn a democratically-held election to install him as a fascist dictator and Charles Manson sending his followers to murder nine people, was wrong.

The people who don’t accept the comparison also don’t believe the attack was an insurrection and have a lot of trouble with the word “terrorists.” But the comparisons are valid.

First off, they’re both cults. If you don’t think the comparisons are valid, you’re probably in one of the cults. And if you’re in the Manson Family cult, then you’re probably really offended being compared to a bunch of MAGAts.

There is no evidence Charles Manson ever ordered the murders. There’s no evidence he ever told any of his followers to kill anyone. But he did send them…

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A Unique Puerto Rican Moment – It Happens …. 🥇🇵🇷 ‘Female Olympic Gold Twice’ 🇵🇷🥇 …. “!!


~~August 2, 2021~~


Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (born August 21, 1996) is a Puerto Rican-American track and field athlete who specializes in the 100 metres hurdles.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics she became the second Puerto Rican ever to win a gold medal while representing Puerto Rico. In the semi-finals, Camacho-Quinn set her personal best and Olympic record of 12.26 seconds, which is tied for the fourth fastest time in history.

Her parents are James Quinn and María Milagros Camacho. Both competed in athletics at Baptist College – now Charleston Southern University – in South Carolina, United States of America. Her father competed in hurdles and her mother as a sprint runner and long jumper. Camacho-Quinn’s mother, María Milagros Camacho, is from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico which made her eligible to represent Puerto Rico.

National Football League (NFL) player Robert Quinn is her brother.


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My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 ‘The Lineage – Vintage Harley-Davidson’ 🌺 …. “!!

~~August 2, 2021~~


It’s Monday, Momoa Monday … on to search I go and I find this jewel.

Uploaded to Youtube on July 8, 2021. Awesome footage, deep sounding voice, impressive. Take a look and be inspired!


It’s been a dream come true to be able to go out and shoot my art the way that I envision it showing the lineage of Harley Davidson coming into the new age of motorcycles.

Being able to see the history and soul of Harley Davidson bridge into the new generation of @livewireEV that are coming out now is a beautiful thing.

Thank you to all the people involved and all the riders who bled and worked day and night to make this happen and to bring this to life on a scale that we’ve never done before.

Mahalo to @da_bray for putting his footage together and editing this piece.

~~Published July 8, 2021~~

Director: Jason Momoa Shot and edited By : Damien Bray

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Motivational Monday …. “💫 ‘Listen and Learn’ 💫 …. “!!

~~August 2, 2021~~


Many things are learned as we quietly and attentively listen.

Make to most of it!



I look at this and become this little girl, listening to the Ocean in a seashell … and I’m reminded that in silence there can be so much to be found …

~Mystic Mermaid Facebook Page~

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