Now It Is Lambda …

Now it’s LAMBDA!! .. “And with all the loosening of precautions here in the US … Lambda should find a willing atmosphere here in the US to help it run rampant. Stupidity can be lethal. Use Precautions … Be Well … Be Safe!!”

In Saner Thought

Just thought I would let my readers know in case they had not heard…..the Delta variant has a competitor….Lambda variant…..

The delta variant is spreading in the population and in the news. But the lambda variant of the virus that causes COVID, which popped up in South America, is definitely attracting the attention of researchers, who fear it might be more resistant to vaccines than other variants. And now it’s in Japan, thanks to the Olympics, the Japan Times reports. A woman came to Japan from Peru on July 20, tested positive for the coronavirus but had no symptoms, and quarantined. By July 23, authorities new she had the lambda variant. But the health ministry didn’t release the results until after the 2020 Olympic Games were over.

The World Health Organization calls the delta variant a “variant of concern,” but has labeled lambda a less-serious “variant of interest.” And, though…

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Sunday Morning

Please, read all … “Stillness and the absence of noise are part of the natural landscape as are the wind or the sky. We have adapted to silence, and without it we could not survive. So much so that, although it may seem like a lie, we can hear it … ” — Steven Melbourne, from “Silence” in Abstract Universe.

Live & Learn

Five decades ago,the philosopher Max Picard warned: “Nothing has changed human nature more than the loss of silence.”

• In the 21st century, Ed Schlossberg, creator of ESI Design,a company dedicated to making innovative design spaces,has stated that “attention will be the most scarce and precious asset in the future”.

• Paying attention to a single object, stopping receiving information for an instant, consuming content, images, sounds, alerts, calls is almost impossible today.

We use the new technologies that connect us to the world of messages, tweets, Facebook posts, Google alerts, mobile phone alarms, news from our RSS feeds, Whatsapp invocations, 24 hours a day, wherever we are.

• Only when we get on the plane and the stewardess forces us to turn off our electronic devices, can we afford to feel us, alone. But then we avidly look for what movie they are going to put on.

• Schlossberg says he…

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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “🙏🏽 ‘Desiderata – Strive to Be Happy’ 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~August 15, 2021~~


These are healing, wise words. Look up the complete poem. It’s a balm for the soul.



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