Taliban Reinstatement

Lessons learned? Save the nation … USA, of course! … “Let Afghanistan be a lesson. While people are shocked the Taliban can recapture the government after 20 years out of power, this is exactly what Republicans are trying to do to our nation. Like the Taliban, Trump and MAGAt America are willing to retake our government against the will of the people.”



At least the MyPillow Qnut got one thing right. There was a reinstatement this weekend by knuckle-dragging cave-dwelling conservative sexist troglodyte fundamentalists who have zero respect for science and will take power against the will of the people. Mike Lindell just got the wrong extremists.

Mike Lindell and other Qnuts predicted Donald Trump would be reinstated on August 13, which was last Friday. If he had predicted it was to be a reinstatement weekend, he would have been correct, except it wasn’t for Trump.

The image of the Taliban sitting inside the presidential palace is probably as disturbing to Afghans as the image of MAGA terrorists storming through our nation’s Capitol building carrying the Confederate flag. If Donald Trump could retake control of our government through a civil war, he would do it. A lot of his supporters are discussing this.

Donald Trump is NOT a constitutionalist. The entire MAGA…

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The Ashraf Amscray

The agony of ‘defeat’!! … “Today, Kabul, the capital, fell to the Taliban. The flag over the U.S. embassy has been lowered. The president, Ashraf Ghani, has fled his nation. Taliban troops are in the presidential palace and the fleeing government wants to negotiate how the nation will be governed. Good luck with those negotiations.

This is on President Biden’s watch, so he can be blamed for how we withdrew our troops, but he can’t be blamed for withdrawing our troops.”



I kinda hate this cartoon because it’s a cliché, and I HATE using clichés in cartoons even though I know it’s necessary sometimes. And this situation is a cliché from the president of Afghanistan leaving the country to another foreign invader losing Afghanistan. I drew this over the past hour and I’m still beating myself up over using this trope.

Let’s face facts. President Joe Biden has to eat this. He said it was highly unlikely the Taliban would regain control over Afghanistan after U.S. forces left. It only took about four weeks. The common belief was that it was impossible for the Taliban to take the nation as Afghan forces greatly outnumbered them and they were American trained. Again, four weeks.

Strength in numbers doesn’t always guarantee victory. In World War II, the British with a force of over 85,000 lost Singapore to a Japanese invasion of 35,000 soldiers…

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