Bush, Barney, Biden

Can’t say it any better … “President Joe Biden is a good president. He had a bad day. This attack still would have happened no matter who was in the White House…especially after Donald Trump negotiated this withdrawal with the Taliban. The attack on the U.S. Capitol only happened because Donald Trump was president (sic).

After supporting, enabling, and refusing to hold Donald Trump and his terrorists accountable after January 6, 2021, and are now calling for President Biden’s resignation after a terrorist attack, are hypocrites. You can’t call for a resignation after a terrorist attack when you’re a terrorist sympathizer.”



After the two bombings in Kabul that killed over 100 people, including 13 Americans, Republicans started calling for President Joe Biden to resign. They didn’t even wait until the next day.

Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted a rhetorical question and answered it herself in case nobody else would. She tweeted, “Should Biden step down or be removed for his handling of Afghanistan? Yes.” Funny that she didn’t call for Trump’s resignation after he bailed on our Kurdish allies in Syria and allowed Russia and Turkey to slaughter them by the hundreds. Does Nikki have an opinion on the over 130,000 Kurds who had to flee their homes from Trump’s betrayal?

Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley, who gave a waving fist bump to Trump’s terrorists gathering outside the United States Capitol, tweeted, “It is now clear beyond all doubt that he has neither…

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It is a one-way trip

Simply awesome!! … “At the end of my long life what I have discovered is that there are no ordinary days.” — Jean Aspen, Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness (2018).

Live & Learn

It is a one-way trip.

Each moment of life is a an irreplaceable jewel. If we could carry death on our left shoulder the way Carlos Castaneda suggests and treat every moment as the treasure it is, we would never waste our lives being angry, or petty. We would treat each encounter with a person or a place as the last one. Life continues to change, and with that change we evolve into something new. It doesn’t make what was before wrong but it is gone forever…

I think living here has for me been an opportunity to see this cyclic nature of seasons and yet every season is different. Certainly, I am different with each season.

At the end of my long life what I have discovered is that there are no ordinary days.

—  Jean Aspen, Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness (2018)

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