Twenty years already? … “9/11 was definitely a too soon situation when it was too soon. But that kind of dragged on. In fact, it’s still dragging.”



“Too soon” in this cartoon is accurate and it’s not.

Editors are word people. Most cartoonists prefer as few words as possible. Yes, even me. While a cartoonist believes the best cartoon is one without any words (this is true), an editor will sometimes suggest, or demand, that there be more text and labels. From my experience, this isn’t always a big deal and it’s just something cartoonists and editors don’t see in the same way. A cartoonist should be able to explain to the editor why his suggestion doesn’t help the cartoon and he should also be able to listen to the editor just in case his suggestion actually does improve the cartoon. Most of all, you need to respect what’s being offered.

But the other area where cartoonists and editors differ is on “too soon.” Often when there is a tragedy, especially one that involves a death, editors…

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