A Puerto Rican Moment – It Happens …. “🇵🇷 ‘SOMOS (We Are) Puerto Rico’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~September 17, 2021~~


This is an awesome graphic with an awesome Facebook frame.

Boricuas can’t deny their “Puerto Rican-ness”.

I know I can’t!


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James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke Guests …. “🎶 ‘Cinderella Premiere – Amazon Flick’ 🎶 …. “!!

~~September 17, 2021~~


James Corden is an awesome Brit talent! I’ve always liked his karaoke bits.I just saw this today. I have to share it with you.

I watched the movie when it premiered on Amazon. I was really surprised! It’s quite enjoyable … a full smorgasbord of talent!

Take a look at James’ take!



Camilla Cabello, Idina Menzel, and Billy Porter join James Corden for Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden airing Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cinderella‘s  Camila Cabello stuffed her fabulously voluminous gown into a car to join Tony winners Billy PorterIdina Menzel and James Corden in the latest edition of Carpool Karaoke.

The four performers sang Cabello’s “Million To One,” songs from Mamma Mia!Dreamgirls as well as Menzel’s hits from Frozen and Wicked on the way to Cinderella‘s premiere, which arrived on Amazon Prime Video on September 3.

~~Published September 9, 2021~~

It’s premiere night for “Cinderella” on Amazon, and James hops in the car with his co-stars Camila Cabello, Billy Porter and Idina Menzel to carpool to the big event.

The four performers sang Cabello’s “Million To One,” songs from Mamma Mia!Dreamgirls as well as Menzel’s hits from Frozen and Wicked on the way to Cinderella‘s premiere, which arrived on Amazon Prime Video on September 3. Cabello revealed she prepared for her first date with Shawn Mendes with two shots of tequila and a rendition of “Defying Gravity.”

Menzel talked about that famous Adele Dazeem flub from the 2014 Oscars. Porter said his first reaction to John Travolta’s blunder was, “‘She’s gonna be a household name within 24 hours! I need someone to say my name wrong!'” Corden asked Menzel if she’s spoken with Travolta since the bungled intro. “He’s written so many nice, apologetic emails. He’s sent flowers. He’s so kind,” she said. “I just always say, ‘No worries. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.'” 

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aid and comfort

Couldn’t have said it any better!! To those crying ‘treason’ — SIT DOWN!!
“Gen. Milley wasn’t committing treason. He was being a professional military leader. He was basically telling Gen. Li that even if Comrade Trump was unstable, the government of the United States was…well, less unstable. What Milley did — reassuring China that POTUS wasn’t out of control — wasn’t alarming. What’s alarming is the fact that the nation’s highest-ranking military officer and principal military advisor to the President thought it was necessary to reassure China.”


I haven’t read the book. I mean, it hasn’t even been released yet. But like a lot of news enthusiasts (that sounds a lot nicer than ‘news junkie’) I’ve heard a lot about Peril, the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. One of the book’s revelations is that General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was so concerned about Comrade Trump’s emotional instability during the closing days of his administration that he called his Chinese counterpart (General Li Zuocheng) to assure him the US wasn’t planning to attack China. Milley also apparently assured Li that IF the US was going to launch any sort of attack, he’d call Li first to let him know.

Gen. Mark Milley

Republicans, of course, are calling this treason. Republicans, of course, are fucking idiots. Just to be clear, treason is a crime and like all crimes, it…

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Coming To A State Near You

My thoughts: I’m quite concerned!! … “How will this play out?
I do not expect these poor people will be welcome with open arms … I think back to the late 70s and the Vietnamese refugees … that was not always a pretty picture. Any thoughts?”

In Saner Thought

We have heard about the Afghans that the US helped escape from Afghanistan….and the question is where will they go?

Some of these refugees will be coming to the US….but where?

This article explains where the refugees will settle once they arrive in the US…..

The Biden administration notified governors and mayors on Wednesday of the number of Afghan evacuees their state is expected to receive in the coming weeks, two senior administration officials told Axios.

Why it matters: Although their exact immigration pathway is still unclear, an initial group of 37,000 Afghans will soon be headed to states across the country after many faced harrowing journeys from Afghanistan.

  • Former Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D), who President Biden appointed on Friday to oversee Afghan resettlement, made calls to state and local leaders notifying them on the number of Afghans to expect.
  • In conversations with nearly every state on Wednesday, not…

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Yee-Hawing For Nassar

Excellent question!! … “The next question here is: When will criminal charges be filed against FBI agents?”



Testifying before Congress, one of Larry Nassar’s victims described him as more of a pedophile than a doctor. Since the FBI helped cover it up, what does that make them? One of his victims testified that an FBI agent tried to convince her that being raped wasn’t a big deal. Was that FBI agent from Texas?

The next question here is: When will criminal charges be filed against FBI agents?

Sorry, I don’t have time for a real long juicy blog today. I have another deadline and I’m really stressed out. Weep for me.

Signed prints:The signed prints are just $40.00 each. Every cartoon on this site is available. You can pay through PayPal. If you don’t likePayPal, you can snail mail it to Clay Jones, P.O. Box 9103, Fredericksburg, VA 22403. I can mail the prints directly to you or if you’re purchasing as a gift…

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Friday Fashion Fun …. “💞 ‘Meghan Markle’s Classy Style’ 💞 …. “!!

~~September 17, 2021~~


I don’t care what critics say. I don’t care if they were photosopped. I don’t care if Harry’s hair looks fuller!! I don’t care what the ‘Palace’ or the ‘Firm’ think. Least of all I care what Piers Morgan may opine.

All I care is that they made it here … TIME’s Magazine Cover!!

She’s my forever girl – with Harry’s blessing!!

Here are some details of Meghan’s fashion!!



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The Caribbean Presence at the Met Gala

September 13 … annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Caribbean presence noted!! … Here are some photos from last night’s Met Gala!!

Repeating Islands

Here are some photos from last night’s Met Gala:

Met Gala co-chair Naomi Osaka (above), who became a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton earlier this year, wore … Louis Vuitton, in a look honoring her Hatian and Japanese heritage.

Gymnast Simone Biles in a 98-pound gown, inspired by showgirls and in celebration of performance, by the design duo Area and Ms. Biles’s sponsor Athleta.

A couple that wears Michael Kors together (Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes) stays together.

Rihanna in Balenciaga and A$AP Rocky in ERL

J.Lo channeled the wild west while on the east coast in a look by Ralph Lauren.

Lewis Hamilton in lace.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York sent a message with her gown by Aurora James. The back of her dress was emblazoned with the words “Tax the Rich” in red. Her bag had the same phrase.

And finally Rosalia–to mark her recent Caribbean connections-…

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