Trump’s Recount Disaster

#RECOUNT … #AUDIT … “Republicans are also trying to copy Arizona’s recount in Texas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Naturally, these recounts are partisan and being attempted by Trump goons.

Here’s the thing though, kids. Trump lost. And he keeps losing. In fact, new reports are revealing his White House knew he lost and there wasn’t any fraud.”



Every time dumbass Donald Trump tries to steal the election, all he does is add more evidence and validation that he lost and Joe Biden won.

Donald Trump lost over 60 court cases trying to overturn the election. He lost each time he bullied state officials to overturn the election. He lost actual recounts and audits in multiple states. He lost when he tried to overturn the election through an insurrection and an attack on the United States Capitol.

All the evidence Trump lunatics claim they have has yet to be presented. Probably because those lunatics, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and the MyPillow fucker, don’t have any real evidence. There was no ballot switching by voting machines or Italian satellites. There was no interference by the Clintons or George Soros. There was no manipulation by poll workers or the dead Hugo Chavez. There was no massive voter fraud. There was…

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IOTD …. “🏫 ‘Images of the Day, School Edition – Harry and Meghan Go to School’ 🏫 …. “!!

~~September 25, 2021~~


Here they are! I just can’t get enough of them. I’m totally partial to them. I admire and support them totally.

I wish them all the success they deserve and only the best!



Meghan Markle’s Monochrome Outfit Is Autumnal Perfection

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited a school on the second day of their New York trip.

On Friday, September 24, Meghan and Prince Harry stepped out for the second day of their tour of New York City, this time making an appearance at a Harlem elementary school. The duchess wore a relaxed burgundy suit, complete with a pair of burgundy stiletto pumps, making for a perfectly autumnal ensemble.

In videos from the event, she could be seen reading from her children’s book, The Bench, as students sat around her outdoors on the playground.

“I wrote this when we just had our little boy, and I haven’t read it to any other kids but you,” she told students.


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Oops. White People Did It Again

Yep!! Missing white woman syndrome!! … “Did you know in Wyoming, the state where Gabby Petito went missing, that over 700 indigenous people, over half of them women, went missing over the past decade?”



Did you know in Wyoming, the state where Gabby Petito went missing, that over 700 indigenous people, over half of them women, went missing over the past decade?

Did you know over 50 percent of missing person cases involving a white individual gets news coverage while only 30 percent of missing indigenous people is covered?

Did you know over 11 percent of indigenous people are found within a week while 50 percent of white people are found in that time span? You do now.

And I know it now too as I wasn’t aware of any of that until a white blonde social media darling went missing.

Mary Johnson, a citizen of the Tulalip Tribes in Washington state went missing ten months ago. Last week, ten months after she went missing, the FBI offered a reward for information about her disappearance. Why did that take ten months?

Mary’s older sister…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 ‘Today’s Cat Happenings’ 🐱 …. “!!

~~September 25, 2021~~


These are awesome cats, doing their awesome things.

How can they not be loved!!


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