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Please, read the post!! Bottom line … “For the sake of your child, keep Virginia blue. Vote for Terry McAuliffe.”



During the final debate between Democratic candidate and former governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican candidate, Trump cultists, businessman, and job outsourcer, Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe said he doesn’t believe “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Since then, that’s all Youngkin has been talking about.

Youngkin turned the footage into a digital ad, then announced spending $1 million on a commercial airing statewide proclaiming “Terry went on the attack against parents.” His campaign created a group called “Teachers for Youngkin” which sent out flyers talking about how McAuliffe is attacking parents. Tonight, Youngkin is going to stage a rally in Northern Virginia titled “Parents Matter.”

How dare a politician say something so callous as parents shouldn’t be telling teachers what to teach. It’s an outrage this big government liberal doesn’t want parents setting the curriculum. Why, what McAuliffe said…makes total and complete sense.

The people Youngkin is appealing to…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🤨 ‘Always Remember: The Script is Yours’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~October 6, 2021~~


It’s always in your own hands … there are certanly outside influences which may attemtp derailing your course. You have to power to steer back on the path.

Use it!!



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